Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ohio man sues Martin Lindstedt for $10 million, claims he is being cyberstalked

An Ohio man is suing frequent political candidate and white power advocate Martin Lindstedt for $10.7 million, claiming Lindstedt has been cyberstalking him.

The case, which was originally filed in Ohio federal court, was transferred to U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri today.

According to the Ohio federal judge's order transferring the case to Missouri:

Pro se Plaintiff Bryan Anthony Reo, an Ohio resident, filed this action against Martin Lindstedt, a resident of Missouri, alleging that Lindstedt engaged in a campaign to stalk himthrough the internet. He asserts claims for cyber-stalking, harassment, defamation, libel,intentional infliction of emotional distress, online impersonation, and violation of the DigitalMillennium Copyright Act. He seeks $10,750.000.00 in monetary damages and injunctive relief. 

Reo states he met Lindstedt when he was invited into an online Skype conference chat in 2010. He contends  Lindstedt became angry with comments he made and took steps to discover Reo’s identity from his screen name. Reo contends Lindstedt then began to stalk and harass him over the internet by posting photographs of Reo on adult internet sites, creating fictitious accounts in his name on internet forums dedicated to pedophiles, or white supremacy groups,and by posting sensitive personal information such as his social security number and voter registration information on numerous internet sites. He claims Lindstedt has threatened him using the internet, and has posted false and defamatory information about him.

Lindstedt has been a candidate for U. S. Senator, East Newton Board of Education, mayor of Granby, and numerous other positions over the year and has filed lawsuits against President Barack Obama, Congressman Roy Blunt, Missouri Southern State University, John McCain, Matt Blunt, Jay Nixon, Robin Carnahan, the Missouri Supreme Court, the Missouri Republican Party, Frazier Glenn Miller, Newton County Republican Party, Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland, Jay Nixon,

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