Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Guilford to Board: Jim Kimbrough should get this job

David Guilford, who has previously ran for the Joplin R-8 Board of Education three times, just told the board that he should not be the board's choice.

"You should choose Jim Kimbrough," he said.

It was a surprising statement after Guilford had just a few moments earlier made the strongest statement that had been made at tonight's meeting.

It probably wasn't a comment that won him any brownie points with the half of the Board of Education, but candidate David Guilford made it perfectly clear a few moments ago that it is time to expect more from administration.

"How can district administrators give expectations to teachers and students if they don't live up to the same standards?"

It was the first statement approaching a stance on a local education problem following four candidates, Ashley Micklethwaite, Mary Gaarder, Sharrock Dermott, and Anne Wells, who spent their time listing their credentials and fielding board questions.

During the interviews, board members have asked the same questions of each candidate, with each board member assigned a question. For instance, Jennifer Martucci has asked what the role of the board of education should be while Mike Landis has asked how the candidates would deal with a phone call from an angry parent.

Randy Steele's question has been about what a board's goals should be and Debbie Fort has asked each person if he or she plans to run for the board next April.

The next candidate, the sixth to be interviewed, will be Jim Kimbrough, who has been off the board for less than a month. Another former board member, Anne Sharp, will be interviewed later.


Anonymous said...

Why is Anne wasting everyone's time? Anne, you ARE the weakest link....good-bye.

Anonymous said...

If the board votes Sharp in they will lose what LITTLE bit of light at the end of the tunnel was seen after the election. People voted NO on SHARP. Why interview a NO vote????