Sunday, December 13, 2015

C. J. Huff makes powerful impression on St. Charles County district

Anyone who doubts that former Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff is not worth every penny of the $30,000 Bright Futures USA is paying him to be a consultant for six months must be out of touch with reality.

Consider the impact Huff had during his visit last week to the Orchard Farm School District in St. Charles County.

From the picture that accompanies this post, you can tell that Huff and his audience are enthused about the good things Bright Futures can bring to the Orchard Farm school district.

The superintendent, Dr. Tom Muzzey, was so enthused that he tweeted the following:

shares information on to support students in Orchard Farm

That tweet might not help Huff and Bright Futures USA much since Bright Future International is a totally different organization.

Meanwhile, the wait for Huff to start bringing new school districts on board and earning that $30,000 continues.

(Note: The post has been changed to reflect that Orchard Farm is in St. Charles County, not St. Louis County.)


Anonymous said...

Orchard Farm is in St Charles County.

Randy said...

Thanks for pointing that out. The corrections have been made in the post.