Sunday, December 06, 2015

Top stories for the month and all-time on the Turner Report/Inside Joplin blogs

In case you missed them, the 10 top stories on the Turner Report for the past month:

1. Tornado victim should be able to leave Joplin High School with his classmates

2. The complete list: How much do Joplin R-8 employees make?

3. Lawyer: Rowan Ford's killer should be spared because he was drunk

4. Joplin R-8 Curriculum Director Sarah Stevens resigns

5. Former reader: Randy, you are a terrible person

6. Wistrom, Republic Board: We don't want Joplin in Central Ozark Conference

7. Today would have been Kelli Dorsey's 38th birthday (This was one of the top 10 posts for this month, even though it was published November 14, 2014.

8. Announcement about the future of the Turner Report/Inside Joplin

9. Judge: For the safety of the community, no bond reduction for Jasper man

10. JHS teacher convicted of sex crime to husband: What's wrong with me?

The Top 10 all-time Turner Report stories (judged by the number of visitors)

1. Child pornography scandal erupts at Joplin High School (this one was certainly swept under the rug),  April 14, 2015

2. Probable cause statement- Teacher shot Hailey Owens, stuffed her body into trash bags February 19, 2014

3. Arkansas sisters killed in three-car accident in Pineville December 26, 2013

4. Grand jury indicts Neosho businessman on child porn charges July 8, 2015

5. 2012 probable cause statement says suspect in Golden City girl's kidnapping, death arrested on assault charge August 22, 2013

6. The Books That Got Me Fired (I remember this one.) May 23, 2013

7. Former Webb City principal charged with murdering Springfield couple August 15, 2014

8. Joplin Police arrest 11 in broad daylight prostitution sting June 2, 2014

9. Webb City teacher charged with having sex with student April 22, 2014

10. Couple pleads not guilty as preparations made to fly child to Hawaii for funeral September 3, 2015

The top four all-time posts for Inside Joplin are listed below:

1. Document: CJ woman didn't seek help for Joplin Honkey because she was high on meth

2. Arrest warrant issued for Seneca woman for Hideout Harley Davidson burglary

3. Webb City Police search for missing teens

4. Probable cause affidavit: I didn't shoot Joplin Honkey; the dead guy did it

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