Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Billy Long changes his mind on health care bill: "President Trump really needs me"

After a meeting with President Donald Trump today, Seventh District Congressman Billy Long has changed his mind and will support the Republican Affordable Health Care replacement plan.

Long had announced his opposition to the plan Monday, saying he could not support it because it did not cover pre-existing conditions.

During a news conference this morning, Long announced the reasons for dropping his opposition.

"I was always for the underlying bill, but I believe they made what I consider the change wtih pre-existing conditions. That's when I said, 'I'm a no.'

"The president said, 'Billy, we really need you, we need you, man, we need you. We went through that for 20 minutes.

"He called back yesterday. 'We need you, we need you, we need you," and I said, 'I'm a no.'

Long said he told the president he and Rep. Fred Upton, R-Michigan, had come up with an amendment that would increase the amount of money provided for risk pools for those with pre-existing conditions.

"We want to make sure these people are covered," Long said. "They need to be covered."

Trump conceded the point,and though Long and Upton have no guarantees their amendment will be successful, that concession (and the fact that the president really, really needed Billy Long_ were enough to flip their votes.

"We're both yeses on the bill," Long said.


shameless Vegas traveler said...

The President really needs me!

He might not be your President, but he's mine.

That's why I helped write an amendment!

If this bill passes it will be known as the Conservative Affordable Care Act.

That's CACA.

Anonymous said...

That didn't last long. Must have offered him a free buffet and a beautiful piece of chocolate cake. Eat the meat loaf billy boy. Did you get free rides to Vegas too? Hopefully your so called president won't make you look like any more of a fool than you already do. You better make sure the pre-existing conditions clause doesn't turn out to be some B.S. high risk pool or you may find your spineless gutless self out of a job.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:50


Anonymous said...

One more question hog boy......are you and your party before country traitors exempting yourself from this coverage?

Anonymous said...

'murricans like Billy Long's voters won't have their pre-existing conditions like rectocranial inversions and Dunning Kruger covered anymore?


Anonymous said...

From what I've read the money put aside for the high risk pool probably won't be enough!! States being able to opt out is a bad idea!! Should have held your ground , it doesn't need to be done this week!! This is just too important to give into the damn Freedom Caucus!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I would hate to lash out at the above comments, wait, they are so on target that it makes one sick to the stomach. Wonder if the Glob or news stations in Bubba's area will cover his turn around. No wait, MODOT does not make them big enough for his truck and smoker to go through them. How long do we have to continue to suffer under this group of worthless republican representatives promises of "making America great". I guess it will not too long before we go the tide of other failed democracies in history due to the greedy and ruthless. It just saddens me how fast the conservatives took over a system that was meant to spread the bounty to everyone so that it would grow with pride.

karen said...

You know who else needs you?? Your constituents, MO is one of the top 10 states with pre-existing condition. It is estimated at 30% of MO residents. That amendment isn't worth the paper they wasted writing it. There is no guarantee it will be adopted. That money won't go nearly far enough. Insulin alone costs many diabetics more than $7000 yearly, and that doesn't include anything else. You sold us out.

Anonymous said...

>>>From what I've read the money put aside for the high risk pool probably won't be enough!!<<<

Like rick Perry said- Ooops!


Like Dumbya said- Mission Accomplished!

Anonymous said...

"Those people" need me. What about "My fellow suffering Americans need help".

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if obesity was one of those pre-existing conditions that would allow insurers to not cover people under Trump and Long's CACAcare.

I thought about giving those staffers in Las Vegas a call to warn them that fat@$$ auctioneers might lose affordable coverage under Trump and Long's CACAcare.

Then I remembered that fat@$$ auctioneers and their staffers and family ARE covered by real insurance!! They plan to exempt themselves from Trump and Long's CACAcare!

That saved a wasted phone call.

All is well with the elected few and suffer the rest.

Donate for their re-election!

The End.

Tina Fitzpatrick said...

Trust me, the president doesn't "need you", he just needs you to bend over so he can have a win. Your constituents lose. There is NO WAY that amount of money over 5 years will help the people with pre-existing conditions. Then you have to consider your older constituents are going to have their premiums increase dramatically. BUT, you aren't looking out for your constituents. You are on an ego trip, you feel "important" because he says he needs you. I just want to throw up.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this fake news is for real, CNN just called Billy Long a "moderate."

Anonymous said...

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the top 10 states for pre-existing conditions all went for Trump. I hope it passes.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:29 AM And I quote "'murricans like Billy Long's voters won't have their pre-existing conditions like rectocranial inversions and Dunning Kruger covered anymore?"

No, they will be allowed to fade from the gene pool while wearing their tinfoil hats and holding something shiny.

Anonymous said...


Check the birth rates of this group. Education and achievement are inversely correlated with birth rates.

19 Kids and Counting with the Duggars!


Ban all forms of birth control!


Mary said...

Sad that Billy Long voted to deprive millions of people of insurance just so that he could feel needed by Donald Trump, of all people. It'd be better for everyone if he'd just learn to love himself

Or resign, preferably