Friday, October 05, 2018

Court document: Former Joplin police officer chats about abducting, torturing, beating, sodomizing child

During a chat session, former Joplin Police Department officer Gary McKinney described in graphic detail how he would kidnap an underage girl, beat her, then sodomize her.

Details of that chat session were revealed in a detention motion filed today in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

In another chat session with a user identified as an adult male, McKinney and the other user talk about abducting a female child and taking her to a warehouse to keep her. The two also discuss torturing the child, hanging her from the ceiling (detail omitted) and engaging in sex with her. They talk about breaking into the child’s bedroom to abduct her, using chloroform to render her unconscious. McKinney reports he would beat the child “first thing”. They talk about orally sodomizing her until (details omitted)
McKinney, 43, the owner of Gary McKinney Plumbing in Joplin and also a former officer with the Webb City and Duquesne police departments is being held in the Greene County Jail on charges of sending and receiving child pornography and the detention motion makes it clear that's exactly where the government wants him to stay.

"There is a serious risk that the defendant's release will present a substantial risk to the community," Assistant U. S. Attorney Ami Harshad Miller wrote, adding that there were no conditions that "will reasonably assure the appearance of the defendant as required and the safety of other persons and the community."

The motion repeated the details that were provided in the probable cause affidavit including McKinney's alleged interest in streaming sex shows involving underage girls, exchanging child pornography with Anthony Helsel, 31, Joplin, and asking Helsel to provide him with shoes and socks that had been worn by the four-year-old girl whom Helsel allegedly had sex with in some of the pornography he shared with McKinney.

McKinney also expressed an interest in meeting with the four-year-old himself and engaging in a sex act that would involve her feet, the detention motion noted.

The detention hearing has been scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday in Springfield.

The government is also asking that Helsel (photo at left) be kept behind bars while awaiting trial, noting that the four-year-old that he allegedly molested told a forensic interviewer at the Children's Center that Helsel not only did things to her on numerous occasions, but also let "another Anthony" do something with her while he waited outside in the hall.

Helsel's detention hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday in Springfield.


Anonymous said...

Who was the women who went with him to Helsels house? The one in the first article that he was going to to exchange sex with her for the dirty shoes and socks? Why hasn't she been named too? Isn't she complicit in this?

Anonymous said...

Is anyone going to bring to light this was a cub scout leader as well?

Anonymous said...

Nobody has mentioned he is a Cub Scout leader, or the fact he has been in homes with young children. I always fear for my children's safety, but just knowing he swore to protect the children he was hurting makes me ill.I want to know why nothing more is said about the woman with him. Did she know about the children? Was she one of the women willing to have sex with kids or is she just another victim?

Unknown said...

Oh my God!!

Dusty Roads said...

Formerly one of Joplin's

Anonymous said...

I want to know who this "other Anthony" is. What else has been said. Who else was in the home then. What about the mother, if it was on occasion , wouldn't their be signs of some weird things going on.

Is the conversation between the two just talk, or is it something he has done on occasion. Abducting children

Anonymous said...

Children don't always show signs, or at least ones that let the adults know things like THIS are happening. This particular child wasn't displaying any red flag signs that pointed to abuse. The mother needs our prayers just as much as that baby girl.

Mapetite said...

This makes my heart literally ache with grief. I'm always reminding my kids that Joplin is not as safe as many people think, but even I am shocked sometimes and just how unsafe it is. Pray for these kids, they will still need it because the horrors that have happened to them aren't over yet.