Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Blunt issues statement on Whitmore-Smith nomination

Earlier today, Governor Matt Blunt issued a statement concerning Sen. Jeff Smith's decision to block Blunt's nomination of voucher supporter Donayle Whitmore-Smith to the State Board of Education:

"Donayle Whitmore-Smith cares deeply about Missouri school children. She
shares my belief that every Missouri school child deserves a world class education. I am deeply disappointed that one of the Senator-elect's first actions is obstructing the appointment of a well-qualified African-American woman who would have done a magnificent job on the State's School Board.
Donayle Whitmore-Smith was one of two African-American leaders I appointed to the State Board of Education. I am pleased that Reverend Stanley Archie of Kansas City will at least be given the courtesy of a hearing even though the same courtesy was not extended to Donayle."

Leave it to the governor to play the race card. And he is obviously attempting to continue to play it in an effort to keep his nomination of Rev. Stan Archie of Kansas City, another voucher supporter who is also African-American, to the State Board. It will be interesting to see who the governor's next nomination will be for the spot he wanted for Ms. Whitmore-Smith.


Anonymous said...

Minnie Mouse! She's half black, half white, and she can't tell him that he's stupid so he is so vain he will think she agrees with him. Hey maybe they could even figure out a way for Ms. Mouse to vote for Blunt......or maybe she already has.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't have the experience to qualify her for this position.

Rather than admit that he was wrong to nominate her, Blunt's still trying to justify one of many bad decisions that he has made. That's childish.

Anonymous said...

Stan Archie is NOT a supporter of Vouchers