Saturday, December 23, 2006

Another school board opposes Whitmore-Smith nomination

Add Marshall to the ever-growing list of school boards that have taken the previously unheard of step of offering resolutions opposing the appointment of a member to the State Board of Education.
The subject of the Marshall Board of Education's resolution, of course, is voucher proponent Donayle Whitmore-Smith, who has never shown anything but contempt for public education.
According to the Marshall Democrat-News:

Marshall school board President Jeanette Klinge said she and the board have no objection to private education. The problem they have is with the use of public money to fund private schools, she said.

Marshall Superintendent Rob Gordon noted that public education advocates are especially concerned that Whitmore-Smith's appointment could indicate a trend.

Not only could it indicate a trend, it definitely does. Governor Blunt has nominated three members to the State Board, all of them this year, and all three are supporters of vouchers and tuition tax credits. Ms. Whitmore-Smith has come in for more criticism, but Rev. Stan Archie and Debi Demien are also cut from the same cloth.

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Anonymous said...

Stanley Archie is not at all in the same camp as those who support vouchers. Please examine the faces and see that he has been a real champion of public schools.