Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fire Safety report on Anderson Guest House issued

The Missouri Division of Fire Safety issued its report on the Anderson Guest House fire earlier today. Information from that report is featured in a Joplin Globe article by ever-reliable Jeff Lehr:

The report concludes that the cause of the fire that killed 10 people and injured about two dozen remains undetermined. But it also notes that it most likely began in the attic on the north end of the building, and that an electrical short in that area could not be eliminated as a possible cause. Bill Zieres, deputy chief of investigations for the state division, said the maintenance man’s short-circuiting of the electrical line is a possible cause of the fire. "But we also could not rule out a pre-existing problem with the wiring in the attic," Zieres said.

The information was also included in David Lieb's Associated Press article.

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