Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Daily News: No races in near future for Talent; he may return to lobbying

Sen. Jim Talent, who was a lobbyist prior to his successful U. S. Senate win in 2002, may return to that field.
Wes Franklin has a revealing interview with Talent in the latest edition of the Neosho Daily News. In the interview, Talent, who lost to State Auditor Claire McCaskill in November, said he did not plan to run for office in the near future, though he does not rule out anything down the road.

His immediate plans:

But while holding office might be out for now, that doesn't necessarily include the realm of politics, with thoughts of lobbyist work holding some short term possibilities for the attorney from Chesterfield, Mo.

"I could, for example, try and associate with foundations that affect particular issues," he said. "...I'm going to continue and try and help my friends who are involved in public service and potentially do some consulting and some speaking. But I really don't know yet."
It wouldn't be a brand new world. Just before his election to the Senate, Talent worked for a time under Washington lobbying group Arent Fox.

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Anonymous said...

In other words he's going to continue to be a dead beat, kiss ass, and try to peddle influence around Washington. You can bet any program that would do good for the public and the less fortunate will be on his hit list. DRust