Friday, December 15, 2006

Globe carries story on Memorial shooter's arraignment

It's a 24-hour news cycle these days, and the Joplin Globe is still considered to be the leading news source in this area, but for the second time in the past week, the Globe has been the last among area news sources to cover a major story involving Joplin.
This time, it was the arraignment of Thomas White, the 13-year-old Memorial Middle School shooter. The shooting was an incident that has been deeply felt in this community, but the Globe was behind the local television stations and the Joplin Daily in getting this information to the public. As far as I could tell, the newspaper never even put a bulletin on its website.
The same thing happened last week when Detective Carl Francis, who had been slated to serve as Joplin's interim police chief when Kevin Lindsey leaves early next month, was named Webb City police chief.
The Joplin Daily, Webb City Sentinel and the police stations beat the Globe to the punch on that one.


Anonymous said...

And is ANYONE surprised by this??

Anonymous said...

Has the Globe had anything about Chance Morgan resigning? It was on TV on Wednesday. It's Friday and there still isn't anything in the paper. Somebody's gonna get fired.

Anonymous said...

Who in the hell is Chance Morgan?

Randy said...

Chance Morgan was Webb City's city manager and the Globe did finally carry a story about his resignation.