Tuesday, December 19, 2006

State officials don't buy Moark explanation

One service the media performs often gets overlooked because it is so simple. Reporters ask questions to get politicians, business owners, and others who happen to be in the news, to go on the record.
Many times the results are fascinating.
A case in point is Wes Franklin's article in today's Neosho Daily News on the state citing Moark for two odor violations:

The company's vice president of operations, Dan Hudgens, told the Daily News that what put odors over the limit were problems at the time with the filtering system inside the compost facility compound, also referred to as the Farmer Automatic Building (FAB). He said while the facility has been completely enclosed, they have experienced some difficulties with the building's scrubber - an air pollution control device that acts much like a filtering system. Hudgens said the original scrubber was a selsor pad soaked with water, but said it didn't always seem to block out foul smells.
"It hasn't worked as well as we had hoped," Hudgens said.
He noted Moark intends to incorporate new technology into the scrubber device, though he wasn't certain of the exact details involved. Hudgens stated that at the time the excessive odor readings were taken, the scrubber was shut down for readjustment in preparation for those newer developments. This was the answer Hudgens said was given to the DNR in Moark's response to both notices of excessive emissions.
However, after review, the DNR's Air Pollution Control Program wasn't convinced and filed the odor violation charges against Moark on Thursday of last week.

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Anonymous said...

I want to know if DNR is going to fine Moark for each time like they do RES in Carthage??

By the way Neoshoans have been putting up with the stench from Moark for years and nothing has been done or cared about beind done to them.
RES on the other hand keeps getting fined one time after another. I have been by RES and the smell comes from ConAgra? Why do you think they don't go in and fine ConAgra? Because immigration would come in and probably have to close that place down for all the illegal immigrants. Same with Simmons in Noel and Twin Rivers (Tyson's) in Neosho.