Monday, December 11, 2006

Governor takes principled stand

The headline for this post is an exercise in sarcasm.
Associated Press posted an article by Kelly Wiese talking about the two-day window at the beginning of 2007 in which politicians can raise unlimited funds thanks to the new campaign "reform" law.
Governor Matt Blunt says he will not accept any donations during those two days and urges other politicians to follow his lead.
Of course, as I noted in a recent post, it is easy to take such a principled stand when you already have approximately $2 million in your campaign war chest.
The new law is going to make it open season (if it hasn't been already) for buying politicians, and will make it that much more difficult to elect anyone who is not an incumbent.

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Anonymous said...

On this I agree. Let's eliminate those two days in which anything can be done?

Or let's have two days when armed robbery is legal