Saturday, December 16, 2006

NPR report: Lambert 'took care' of church's women

With all due respect to the work that has been done in the local media, primarily by KODE and the Joplin Globe in regard to the McDonald County cult case, the most thorough study into the scandal that has been the series offered this week by National Public Radio's Doualy Xaykaothao.
Ms. Zaykaothao landed the first interview with Rev. Raymond Lambert, who is charged with eight felony sex counts in connection with ritual sex with children. She also has provided more information through interviews with former members of the Grand Valley Independent Baptist Church about the practices of the church and Lambert's beliefs.
The latest chapter is particularly chilling.

(One woman) recalls what Raymond Lambert said at the meetings: "He just told everybody that he had sex with Peggy and he had sex with Sandy and he had sex with Laura. And he would have sex with us, too, if that's what we needed to keep our souls."
Kevin Amey adds: "He said during the meeting that sex was a man's desire and a woman's need, and that a woman needed to be kept by a man of God. A woman needed to be taken care of sexually."

The report continues:

Kevin Amey says Raymond Lambert turned to some women in the church and asked them, "Did your dad ever take you into the woods and touch you sexually?"
"And he made them answer, and the answers were 'yes,'" Kevin Amey says.
According to (one woman), this is what Raymond Lambert said at one of the meetings: "He told my brother, who has three young daughters, he said, 'David,' he said, 'you're not man enough to go upstairs and f--- your daughters, are you?' And he said, 'No, I wouldn't want to.' And he said, 'Well, I am.'"


Anonymous said...

Raymond Lambert man enough? No....perverted enough? YES. A man doesn't have sex with his daughter(s) a demented creep does. As the demented creep touches or has sex with any children. I say send him to prison and see if he still is "man enough".

Anonymous said...

Randy - I would like to take issue with your assessment of how much better NPR did on this story. When you consider the resources that were available to NPR and how much support they received from even some of the local press, there is no comparison.

I had the privilege of spending quite a bit of time with Doualy and her producer Art Silverman when they were here for the story. If any local media could have afforded the expenses that went into NPR's efforts, I don't think anyone would have accused local reporters of taking a backseat.

NPR covered airline fares, car rentals, several hotel bills and two great reporters putting in huge amounts of time both here and since their return to their home base in Washington, D. C.

Since this story broke, I suspect neither Doualy nor Art spent much time covering any city council or school board meetings or burning buildings.

I have spoken with both Doualy and Art several times since they were here and we have exchanged numerous e-mails....

They are grateful and most complimentary of people such as Russell and me and John Ford at the NEOSHO DAILY NEWS who assisted them on this big story.And there are probably others I am not aware of who assisted them.

They did a fine job on what they were viewing as a big "national" story and were willing to put money and time into it. But regarding their work in relationship to local media I believe it not fair to "compare these apples and oranges."

Kay Hively

Anonymous said...

Kay why do you feel the need to pat yourself on the back?

Randy keep up the good work.