Thursday, December 28, 2006

Maddox finishes third in Omaha poll

They must take television journalism seriously in Omaha.
In his Media Notes for The Reader, a top Omaha magazine, Sean Wiede notes that former KODE anchor Malorie Maddox placed third in a local radio station's "Hottest Local News Chick of 2006." Ms. Maddox won the contest in 2005.
Disc jockey Matt Perrault defended the contest:

"This is intended to be complimentary," he said. "It's not intended to be rude or mean. Don't tell me guys don't think some of these women on the news are hot."

After reading some of the comments on this blog after Lauren Hieger was promoted to KODE anchor and then seeing this story from Omaha, it makes me wonder if anyone actually cares about the content of these local news programs.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Randy. I don't pesonally care what the person looks like that is delivering the news, but I do like it when they can say the words correctly, and I like for the content of the news to be factual and timely. I don't particularly think that Barbara Walters is beautiful, but she is articulate and interesting. That is attractive to me.

Anonymous said...

She would surely be first for who is the craziest.

Mark said...

What about Melissa Fry on KETV morning traffic report and local reporter.

A babe!