Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Corky Simpson featured in Wellington, Kan. newspaper

Longtime Tucson Citizen sports columnist Corky Simpson, who is retiring this month, is featured in an article in the Wellington, Kan. Daily News. Simpson began his long sports journalism career in the 1960s as sports editor of The Carthage Press.
The article also features information on Corky's book.
The anthology covers all the sports, plus a handful of columns not sports-related — the passing of television's Mr. Rogers, 'Peanuts' comic strip creator Charles Schulz and Bob Hope, who was a regular visitor to Tucson:

There’s one yarn, all true, about a golfer who missed the green by 238,700 miles, a tribute to Mickey Mantle (even though Simpson is a lifelong Yankee hater) and a poem in honor of the greatest of Yankees, Joe DiMaggio. Simpson interviewed them all — the golfer (Astronaut Alan Shepard), Mantle and DiMaggio.

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