Friday, December 29, 2006

Tribune blog explores Blunt's first state board appointee

Gov. Matt Blunt's first appointee to the State Board of Education, Debi Demien, is finally coming under some scrutiny, though only from two sources.
Mrs. Demien, a former public schoolteacher, received a free pass from the media and from the blogosphere when she was appointed in March, but following the governor's Donayle Whitmore-Smith debacle, it seems a few (put me on the list) are starting to take a closer look at all of the governor's appointments.

In her Class Notes blog on the Columbia Tribune website, reporter Janese Heavin notes Mrs. Demien's connection with Building God's Way, "which specializes in construction of churches and Christian schools," and her involvement with the Restoring America organization.

The first examination of Mrs. Demien's background was in the Dec. 17 Turner Report.

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