Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Richard: Bowling bill may resurface

Associated Press posted the story today about the decision by Rep. Ron Richard, R-Joplin, to withdraw his bill which would have eliminated sales tax on bowling, bowling equipment, and supplies.
Richard, of course, runs a bowling company.
The idea may not be dead, however:

Richard said he decided to wait and see what tax policy changes Gov. Matt Blunt proposes next year and determine if his bowling tax break idea fits in.
But he said he sees no problem with proposing a law exempting bowling alley owners from paying state and local sales taxes on purchases for their business even as he runs running a bowling company.
"I guess it indirectly would help me," he said. "I don't care about all that. I'm chair of Economic Development (Committee). Anytime I can help small businesses stay in business, I'm in favor of that. If it turns out to be controversial to keep Mom and Pop doing business, that's OK with me."

Of course, it is not mentioned in the story that this bill that would have benefited Richard is the only piece of legislation he has prefiled, or that it was dropped like a hot potato after it was publicized in this blog. Apparently, Associated Press came up with the idea for this story on its own.


Anonymous said...

Richards only wishes his balls were that big.

Anonymous said...

And why do you allow comments such as the above to remain on here?

Anonymous said...

Richards should change his name to Pendergast. "I guess it would indirectly benefit me"? That's like saying eliminating the sales tax on automobiles would indirectly help Joplin Ford. Time for voters to oust this good ol' boy.