Thursday, December 21, 2006

Senator leaning against Whitmore-Smith appointment

The St. Louis American, in a thoughtful examination of the educational voucher debate, quotes newly-elected Senator Jeff Smith as saying he is leaning against Gov. Matt Blunt's controversial appointment of voucher advocate Donayle Whitmore-Smith to the State Board of Education.
Smith is the senator for Ms. Whitmore-Smith's district and Blunt has indicated he will withdraw the appointment if Smith opposes it.
However, Smith leaves himself considerable room to change his mind:

In an email to a constituent Smith sent Tuesday, which was forwarded to the American, Smith wrote, "I do not support vouchers, and I am leaning towards opposing (Whitmore-Smith), but this nomination is about a person - it’s not a vote for or against vouchers. Thus I will not make her position on that a litmus test for my support or opposition."


Anonymous said...

My opinion. She's not qualified. She doesn't have the experience that I would expect to see in a candidate for that position. I would feel that way whether she was being nominated by a republican or a democrat.

Anonymous said...

Little boy Blunt doesn't usually put people in places that are qualified. Not that I have seen so this makes sense to me.

Look at some of the people he put in the license fee offices.

No No Matt.