Friday, December 15, 2006

RES cited again

Renewable Environmental Solutions strikes again.
On Thursday, The Missouri Department of Natural Resources cited the company for the second time in the last three days for excessive odor.
While these $25,000 fines RES has been receiving are more than just a drop in the bucket, apparently, they are not enough to force the company to clean up its act.
The citizens of Carthage deserve better than to have to continually live with these habitual violators.

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Anonymous said...

This plant sits right by ConAgra. I say to you to travel over there one day when you can get away during the week when operations are going and see where you smell the stench. It is ConAgra where I smell it.

And why is RES getting such heavy hitting when Moark just keeps going in Neosho, MO and we all have to put up with it.

Nope not an employee of either place but live in Neosho area and think it (Moark) deserves just as much attention. Actually more attention because this has been going on for years here.

The way I see it was Daddy Blunt was in Carthage and was intimidated by some are people over the stench and now they are acting on it. Hey, Roy....come on down to Moark and don't put Vick's under your nostrils.