Monday, December 07, 2009

Probable cause document indicates Jetton missed the rough and tumble of the floor

There are those who would say that the "safe word"for Rod Jetton, R-Marble Hill, during his time as Speaker of the House was "Greenback."

A probable cause document filed in Scott County Circuit Court says that the words Jetton and a new acquaintance of his decided on as safe words during a bout of rough sex were "green balloons."

Apparently, those green balloons were never launched.

The probable cause document, written by Sikeston Police Department Detective Bethany McDermott, reads as follows:

"On Nov. 17, 2009, PSO Washburn received a report from (the woman) about an assault that occurred through the night of November 16, 2009. (The woman) reported that Mr. Jetton came to her residence around 2100 hours on November 15, 2009. (The woman) said that she and Mr. Jetton had discussed having intercourse earlier that day over the phone. (The woman) said she and Mr. Jetton had never dated before and had never been in a relationship together.

"Mr. Jetton entered the residence at 132 Ralph with two bottles of wine. Mr. Jetton went into the kitchen and poured (the woman) a glass of wine. (The woman) said she did see him pour the wine because she did not follow him into the kitchen, but he returned to the living room and handed her a glass of wine. (The woman) remembers watching a football game and said once she finished the glass of wine, she began 'fading' in and out and remembered losing consciousness several times during the evening. Mr. Jetton and (the woman) agreed on a safe word of 'green balloons' to use as a stop word during intercourse.

"(The woman) recalls Mr. Jetton hitting her on the face very hard. (The woman) said she then remembers waking up and Mr. Jetton was behind her having intercourse in the bedroom. (The woman) said she did not know what happened with her memory because she had been drunk before but had never had the blank spots in her memory. (The woman) said Mr. Jetton stayed the night with her and when he woke up he gave her a kiss and said, 'You should have said green balloons.' Mr. Jetton left (her) residence and had not returned. (The woman) recalls being very sore. PSO Washburn reported seeing bruises on the left side of (the woman's) outside of both thighs and on (her) breast and just above it. Photographs of the bruises were taken. I also observed the bruises on November 18, 2009 and took more photographs on that day."

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