Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Reader: Forget the ribbon; give us a soaring flame into the Joplin sky

A reader offered the following comment to last night's post featuring Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff's 6 1/2 mile long "Mission Accomplished" ribbon:

Instead of a ribbon, I think they should have purchased a giant cauldron. 

C.J. could have ran the 6 1/2 mile path of the tornado, Olympic-style torch held high above his head, finishing at the new high school.

 Along the route, nearly all of Joplin could line the streets, neighbor holding hands with neighbor to form a giant unbroken chain. Man, woman, and child would scream and chant, "C.J.!, C.J.!, C.J.!" as he passed, knowing how close to greatness each of them came.

 As he triumphantly finished the run, he would use the torch to light the giant cauldron, sending a soaring flame into the Joplin sky. All the little people gathered to celebrate would speak to each other about how the flame is like the light C.J. brought into the darkness that was Joplin before his arrival. 

It would be glorious. It would be glorious.


Anonymous said...

Oh snap! Do it! Do it!

Amy Wright said...

I totally agree! All former employees that have now scattered across this great nation could watch C.J. On JET14 live streaming so we would never forget, just who controls the reference R-III is on all of our resumes

Anonymous said...

...and the Mayor of Joplin could declare it C.J. Huff Day! Tina, Paul, Jason, Mark, Kim, Mike and other members of C.J.'s administrative team could run along ten paces behind him, and the school board members could bring up the rear. Because that's what they do.

It truly would be glorious! Thank you so much for suggesting this grand idea.

Anonymous said...

it would be better if rohr is in the cauldron.

Anonymous said...

Angie says,

It's the Joplin way!

Anonymous said...

Is he going to wear his Naked Emperor's suit? The board loves that one.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure CJ's current physique would allow for a 6.5 mile run. We could have his administrative team carry him in a chair above their heads down the route.