Sunday, July 05, 2015

Did former Joplin master developer lose his new job?

A check of the website for International Accelerators shows no listing for former Joplin master developer David Wallace as one of its mentors.

Wallace, who filed for personal bankruptcy in March after failing to repay $1.5 million to investors in the BizRadio scheme and who resigned from Wallace-Bajjali Development Partners, leaving Joplin high and dry, does not list International Accelerators on his Linked In profile.

International Accelerators is a company that provides business expertise for foreign businesses wanting to operate in the United States. The mentors provided the businesses with their wisdom and wealth of business experience.

On that Linked In profile, Wallace still proudly proclaims the work he did in Joplin as a positive:

-Used extensive development experience, private equity funds and knowledge of public-private partnerships to develop assets ranging from single-family developments, student housing, office, retail, multi-family, assistant living, memory care, etc. Master Developer hired by the city of Amarillo, Tulsa, San Antonio, and Joplin, MO to redevelop the community following the devastating EF-5 tornado that struck on May 22, 2011.


Anonymous said...

This guy is dangerous. I would not allow him near any other business. I hope he was fired. He stole way over the 1.5 million from investors. Its more like 11 million dollars. He never paid anyone back not even one penny. He strung along everyone with lies and more lies. He promised them 4 to 7 times their return on their money in 3 years. He never came through. He's just a big liar and a thief. Bajjali is his cohort. Both in concert with each other raked in the money and paid themselves about $200K a year. Poor investors were left high and dry. I hope he cannot work again. He really needs to be in prison along with Bajjali. God bless those who were robbed by these two con-men.

Anonymous said...

Maybe criminal charges are pending and the employer found out. Something is odd because this snake knows how to scheme and scam others. He was scamming up until November/December of 2014 when he already knew what he was going to do in January. Walk away, disappear. Then ran to bankruptcy like a little girl. This criminal told his buddy "Hey we'll do a personal guarantee, don't worry just lend me the 1.6 million buddy". I wonder how he was able to scam that one last friend of his from Sugar Land. Poor guy is now suing him in Fort Bend.