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Brenda Schmid post on Globe's obscene obit prices, Joplin Globe, Dankelson among top October 2016 posts

One of the main reasons this blog has continued to grow and thrive when so many other local blogs, website, and alternative media outlets have gone by the wayside over the past 13 years has been your continued involvement..

While that might sound like an obvious statement,you do more than just read and comment. Many have been kind enough to share Turner Report, Inside Joplin, and Inside Joplin Obituaries posts on social media. Some of you have been kind enough to offer monetary support, but a vital component of this blog has always been the information you have provided, which has led me to many important stories and has helped me many times in pinning down information and providing background on the topics I am writing about.

And another type of contribution came in the top post for October 2016, which was one of the top posts of the year. Sadly, it came as the result of a death, but retired Joplin teacher Brenda Schmid's first person account of her dealings with the Joplin Globe following the death of her mother, struck a chord with readers, who do not believe the newspaper should be cashing in on grieving families.

The Globe was featured in the top two posts in October, as I wrote about its decision to endorse Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

October was also a strong month for investigative reporting as the Turner Report connected five $1,000 campaign contributions to then Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney Dean Dankelson from people connected to Joplin business Jordan Disposal, which had a family member awaiting trial in Jasper County on drug charges.

The month also spotlighted comings and goings in the Joplin R-8 School District as the Turner Report broke the story that two top administrators, Mark Barlass and Amanda Boyer, were on their way out. Joining the administration in October was former Webb City R-7 Superintendent Ron Lankford.

Thanks for being so patient with the pitches for subscriptions and contributions that have been included with each of these Top 10 lists. Thankfully, there are only a couple more after this one. If you believe the Turner Report/Inside Joplin/Inside Joplin Obituaries has value to you then please consider donating or taking a subscription. If you would prefer not to use PayPal or a credit card, please mail your contributions to Randy Turner, 2306 E. 8th, Apt. G, Joplin, MO 64801. Thanks.

The Top 10 list for October 2016, some extras, and links to the lists for January through September an be found below the PayPal buttons.

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Top 10 Posts for October 2016

1. Brenda Schmid: What the Joplin Globe charges for obituaries is obscene

2. Joplin Globe endorses Hillary Clinton- how many subscriptions will it lose?

3. Two administrators out in R-8 shakeup

4. Ed Emery: Public education responsible for homosexuality, socialism

5. Dankelson accepts $5,000 from family of man awaiting trial on felony charges

6. Much touted raises for Joplin city employees will barely cover insurance increases

7. Dankelson reduced, changed charges against members of family that gave him $5,000

8. Former Webb City superintendent named to Joplin R-8 post

9. Insurance hike for Joplin city employees far worse than Turner Report originally reported

10. What the Joplin Globe failed to mention about R-8 lawsuit settlement

And these extras

The Blasters, Wallace Bajjali and other things the elites thought would be good for Joplin

Lawsuit claims Missouri Southern running back assaulted girlfriend three times

Draining the swamp: Why I support the current Joplin R-8 Board of Education

Joplin School District has to pay P1 Group $2.5 million by Tuesday

Greitens $2 million contributor Seals for Truth- No Seals, No Truth

Top 10 lists from earlier months

KOAM departure, Zach Williams protest, $3.5 million lawsuit among top January 2016 posts

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Trump Jr., Dankelson, Woolston, Scott Watson, Billy Long featured in top July 2016 posts

Ace Mohr, Dean Dankelston, Downstream Casino robbery, R-8 graphic designer among top August 2016 posts

Dankelson campaign contributions, Ace Mohr, P-1 lawsuit against R-8 featured in top September 2016 posts

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