Monday, October 17, 2016

Dankelson accepts $5,000 from family of man awaiting trial on felony charges

Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney, soon to be Division II Circuit Court Judge, Dean Dankelson accepted $5,000 in contributions connected to a family that has a member currently awaiting trial in Jasper County Circuit Court on drug and weapon charges.

Dankelson's quarterly financial disclosure report, filed Wednesday with the Missouri Ethics Commission, shows that Dankelson, who has no opposition in November, received five $1,000 contributions on September 7, more than five weeks after the primary, from people in the family of Andrew Aaron Jordan, 31, Joplin, or people who are connected to the family through the Jordan Disposal business.

The day after the contributions were made, Dankelson paid an advertising bill for $5,037.97 to Choice Marketing, Joplin. Prior to the $5,000 cash infusion, Dankelson only had $292.28 in his campaign account.

The $1,000 contributions came from Andrew Jordan's father and uncle, Freddy Jordan and Brian Jordan, his aunt Katharina Jordan, and Linda Beaver and former Kansas State Representative Doug Gatewood, who work at Jordan Disposal.

The Jasper County Sheriff's Office arrested Andrew Jordan July 14 recommending charges of unlawful use of a weapon, distribution of a controlled substance, and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia. Jasper County Circuit Court online records indicate the prosecuting attorney's office filed felony charges of unlawful use of a weapon and possession of a controlled substance.

The probable cause affidavit from Deputy Soole reads as follows:

On July 14, 2016, around 1535 hours, I, Deputy Soole No. 338 was dispatched to a careless and imprudent driver in the area of Main and Zora in Joplin, MO, Jasper County. Dispatch gave me a description of the suspect vehicle and the direction of the vehicle.

They advised it was driving erratically, passed the reporting party on a double yellow line and cut the reporting party off. 

As I approached the intersection of Eaglewood and Mangrove, I was flagged down by the reporting party. The suspect vehicle had pulled into a residence (3238 Mangrove) and the driver ran quickly inside.

Another male subject (Freddy Jordan), was standing by the suspect vehicle on the passenger side.

The driver soon came back out of the residence with a rifle in his hand and shot across Mangrove in a north east direction.

The suspect noticed my patrol unit (reporting party and I about 100 yards north of the residence parked in the roadway of Mangrove) and quickly ran back inside the residence. He later came back out without the rifle. He was identified as Andrew Jordan.

I detained both Freddy and Aaron (note Aaron is Andrew's middle name) As I was doing this, a female came out of the residence. She was identified as Jamie Hall. Ms. Hall stated she didn't know if anyone else was inside.

During a safety sweep of the residence located in the middle bedroom in plain view was a green leafy plant in a pot. Located in the back bedroom were several baggies with a white substance and green leafy substance in plain view on nightstands along with glass pipes with burnt residue.

The baggies with white substance field tested positive for methamphetamine. 

Aaron was advised of his Miranda rights and asked if he understood.  Aaron said yes. Aaron said all he did was pass the reporting party and noticed they were following him and became scared. Aaron said he just tried to hurry home so he would feel safe.

Aaron said he was just shooting to shoot because he thought this was his last round. Aaron admitted to all other items inside the residence belonged to him.

Jordan's next hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. November 28 before Judge John Nicholas.

The $5,000 in contributions were the only ones in the current report, but they are not the only ones Dankelson has received in the days since he defeated Stephen Carlton in the primary.

The 30 days after the election report filed September 1 with the Missouri Ethics Commission showed Dankelson receiving $2,850 from Jasper County attorneys, including a $2,000 contribution August 23 from the Glades Law Firm, out of $4,550 in total contributions. The contributions were used to pay $4,500 to Choice Marketing.

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Anonymous said...

What's a little money between friends?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Turner, you are the only one who isn't afraid to go after the people who keep on using the system for their own benefit. You will have my $30 subscription fee and maybe a few dollars more. We are fortunate to have someone telling us the truth. Thank heaven we have a source of news other than the Globe. Please be careful. I am certain there are some powerful people out there do not like the truths you have printed.

Anonymous said...

So...paying off Dankelson from the looks of things. Isn't he BFFs with Lynda Banwart and Mikey Landis? Helped them try to keep R8 under CJ and the old board? I'm afraid I may not remember how all that went down. But as they say, birds of a feather...

Anonymous said...

Randy, this report could spell trouble in your future. If you are arrested, as a former teacher ala "Breaking Bad", and selling your blue crystal meth,then it is safe to say the Bear bit back. A young cop making such an arrest, could be a State Senator in a couple of years. We like your reporting, just don't poke the bear as it's rarely ends well. We will know if the family member is not vigorously prosecuted, and still wonder why Dankelson is running unopposed.

Mae B Flossie said...


Anonymous said...

This is why I refused to vote for the crook. He will be even more corrupt as a judge. Congratulations Jasper County. You elected a criminal.

Anonymous said...

still wonder why Dankelson is running unopposed.

Well, that's easily understood, this area is so Red State even worthy Democrats like J.D. Love can't get elected (Coroner, 2008, after he'd done the job on an appointed basis, but my "worthy" judgement comes from knowing him in the '70s).

So like in parts of Illinois and other deep Blue areas, the decisive action is in the primaries, where he was indeed opposed, just not successfully.

Anyway, as I've noted before, and this emphasizes it, we're probably better off with him as a judge, he'll only be in charge of a subset of the county's criminal cases, will also have to preside over civil cases, and he has to answer to his superiors in the judicial system. So the scope and severity of his future damage will smaller, although that in part assumes assignment of judges to cases is truly random....

Dusty Roads said...

Thats how it works it or lump it

Anonymous said...

You ought to give people a little credit for doing things the right way. At least the young man charged didn't make a campaign contribution to the judge.

Unless the checks had notations like "Remember Aaron" or "Quid Quo Pro" there is probably nothing wrong as far as the law is concerned with doing bidness like this. How else a man to pay his bills?

Anonymous said...

Randy, will you file a report with the Missouri Ethics Commission? It might not seem like much but it's better to start now before a bigger case comes before him. 10:29 he didn't have hundreds of donors, if he didn't know who they were he could have done just a little bit of work to figure out why they were donating.

Anonymous said...

I thought he paid Choice Marketing on the last report. I bet Choice Marketing kicks it back to him. Seems ironic that he always pays them in these supplemental filings.

Anonymous said...

@3:55 AM

Why don't YOU file a complaint with the Missouri Ethics Commission? If you go to their website, you will note if your complaint is not proven, you can be sued personally for your defamation of the accused. I would not recommend Randy, or anyone file such a complaint unless it could be proven conclusively. That is the only reason Woolston skated from city council, he didn't want Rosenberg asking the questions and demanding the answers that might result in an action by the Ethics Commission. Haters gonna hate, slime balls gonna b slimy.