Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Republican sheriffs endorse Democratic attorney general candidate

(From Teresa Hensley campaign)

Former Cass County Prosecutor and candidate for Missouri Attorney General Teresa Hensley today released endorsements from area Republican Sheriffs.

"Violent criminals don't care about your political persuasion, and neither does the law. As Attorney General, Teresa Hensley won't play politics," said Clay County Sheriff Paul Vescovo, III (R). "She has a proven record of keeping citizens safe. Teresa Hensley is clearly the candidate I will be supporting."

"As Platte County Sheriff, I have made the safety of our children a priority. In the digital age that is more difficult to do. I am impressed with the work Teresa Hensley has done as Cass County Prosecutor to keep our children safe," said Platte County Sheriff Mark S. Owen (R). Teresa has my endorsement."

"Teresa Hensley was a county prosecutor known for fighting for victims' rights," said Cass County Sheriff Dwight Diehl (R). "She'll be an outstanding Attorney General."

"I am honored to have received the endorsement of these Republican sheriffs," said Hensley. "The fact that they are Republicans underscores what I've been saying all along: when it comes to enforcing the law and keeping our most vulnerable citizens safe, there's no room for politics. We need an Attorney General who understands what the job means. It means putting the law first. That's what I've always done, and will continue to do, for Missouri families."

Teresa Hensley has been endorsed by the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police in her campaign for Attorney General. She also received the 2010 Missouri Attorney General's Justice Award for Domestic Violence Prevention, the 2015 Lawyers Media Award for Public Service, and was selected by the Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys to serve as Chair of the Missouri DWI and Traffic Safety Best Practices Committee. Hensley was a member of the Missouri Child Abuse and Neglect Review Board, and a former board member of Hope Haven.


Anonymous said...

If we elect Koster over Greitens for governor, as it looks like we should, then we want a Republican AG to in theory help keep him in check. Something Koster as AG didn't do with the Nixon administration, which I'll admit isn't a ringing endorsement of Koster, but for governor my argument is a lessor of two evils one.

And the more she insists she's above politics, that the job of state AG is one like that, the less we should believe her. The responsibilities change significantly when you move from a county to the state level of prosecutor.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

Hawley is light years ahead of her!

County level or dog catcher is fine for het