Sunday, October 09, 2016

Roy Blunt: I'm sticking with Donald Trump (but I won't mention his name)

Only one member of Missouri's GOP Congressional delegation, Rep. Ann Wagner, has withdrawn her support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, following the release of the Access Hollywood video Friday.

Sen. Roy Blunt has made it clear that he will stand by Trump.

From the National Review:

Missouri Republican operatives say they now believe Blunt will pull it out — but he remains the rare GOP Senate candidate whose poll numbers lag behind Trump’s. That gives him every reason to avoid doing anything to hurt the top of the ticket, because if Trump’s number start to fall, there’s a possibility that his could too.

So Blunt, in his speech this afternoon, urged Republicans to back Trump, deeming this “the most important election ever.” “The most important thing about the presidential election and this Senate election . . . [and]Senate elections anywhere, is the Supreme Court,” he said. “The next president is more likely than not to appoint a new generational majority” to the Court, he added, without mentioning Trump by name.


Anonymous said...

Like Trump good ol Roy is not fit for our vote. As a past teacher it just amazes me that he can back Trump, but then who knows what might be in his closet. Maybe being involved with Delay, his children lobbying for companies that pedal cigarettes and other vices of our society. Maybe his backing of ethanol because he has farmland, held in blind trust not under his control, that grows corn and shot up his net worth over 8 fold in three years. Or his getting a divorce and remarrying sets a new standard for our Christian followers. Just another Billy Long in a different set of clothes that fit.
Sorry, all our legislators are not the best role models for our children. Maybe just hope that enough of them have hard working honest parents that serve as role models and steer them on the right path and lest we forget, our teachers who work with little thanks for trying to set a standard for them to live up to during their lives. Thank a teacher for what you know, have and will have in the future.

Anonymous said...

I am a Republican, but I am ashamed, disappointed, and dismayed by the absolute stupidity of the Republican party leadership. Those that continue to support Trump's candidacy as the Republican nominee are destined to lose more than just the White House. I predict that there will be a Republican Revolution and those who continued to stand by Trump will find themselves without support and out of a job. Mr. Blunt's and Mr. Long's continued insistence on supporting Trump clearly show that they are more concerned with party politics than they are with representing the decent, hard-working citizens of our area. It's time for REAL Republicans to take back the party and restore the culture of what once was the party of choice for the majority of Americans!

Harvey Hutchinson said...

God Bless you, Senator Blunt!!
You stand strong when the cowards cut and run!!

We are so fortunate to have you in Missouri!!

Harvey Hutchinson, Jasper County ( Joplin)

Anonymous said...

If the RNC and GOP establishment (GOPe) doesn't turn around real quick and stop actively sabotaging Trump's campaign after they got this reed thin excuse (assuming it wasn't a hit job by them and especially the Bush clan, a member of which to whom the comments were made), I'm going re-change my mind and vote for Kander and every other state level Democrat except for Secretary of State and the State Auditor to minimize corruption, and maybe Attorney General for the same reason.

Because outside of our amazingly faithful state legislature, the GOPe is showing they are irredeemable, and the only path to sanity is riding right through them, and sending them back home to spend more time with their families. And I'm seeing I've got a lot of company along these lines.

Sorry, Roy, but you're a major part of the GOPe, powerful enough to drag the head of the NRA and its lobbying arm to drop by Joplin to talk to a tiny 50 people event, and if you don't have enough influence, or don't care to exercise it to get them to do the right thing, I have no use for you. Supreme Court? It's long gone, no matter who appoints the members, we can see that in particular with the 2nd Amendment, where they've let the lower levels of the Federal judiciary nullify Heller and McDonald outside of Illinois even before Scalia died (that is, the very same set of Justices that gave us those decisions then refused to enforce them).

I'll of course vote for Trump, and we'll see what falls out in the next few years ("There is a great deal of ruin in a nation"); if he wins, certainly 2018 will require such a purging of D.C. of the GOPe, and I expect him to lead it. If Hillary, well, we'll see how long it takes for her to start attacking us irredeemable deplorables with the full power of the establishment behind her, including of course the GOPe.