Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Joplin R-8 Board begins reviewing superintendent candidates

Joplin R-8 Board of Education examined the resumes of about 10 to 15 superintendent candidates during a closed session Tuesday afternoon at the Memorial Education Building.

The candidates were culled from 45 who applied for the job, which has been held by Norm Ridder on an interim basis since July 1, 2015.

Ridder replaced C. J. Huff, who "retired" at age 45 after seven years on the job, but who is still being paid through the end of this calendar year.

The board expects to hire a superintendent by the first week of December.


Harvey Hutchinson said...

I just left my granddaughter's science fair at Columbia Elementary on N Sargent/Moffet,
And hers(as well as her class mates) was superb and excellent!! Second to none anywhere!!
Kudos to Dr. Ritter, the Principal, and the 4th grade science teacher!!

Sorry Randy, your Demicratic Partisan vitriol is not working here!

Harvey Hutchinson , Jasper County, Joplin, MO
303-522-6622voice and text 24/7

Anonymous said...

Why so bitter? And what does politics have to do with a school science fair? I don't recall that Turner has ever denigrated the students. The vitriol seems to be on you, here. Turner always encouraged students to do their best and he expected them to do well. His argument has been against a previous administration and Board that kept students from doing their best.

I also find it interesting that you put the teacher last in your thank you list. I wonder which of the 3 you listed worked the hardest on this successful program.

Seems like a simple thank you without the hateful remarks would have been more meaningful. Think about it next time you go to worship.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

It's hard to respond to "Anonymous "( they usually fall in the category of cowards).

Randy does attack the school, Principals, and administration, as represented by Dr. Ritter;
So this points out, that as usual his attacks are wrong, inaccurate, and personaly/politically motivated!

Harvey Hutchinson said...

Anonymous is synonymous with coward!!

Harvey Hutchinson said...

The students worked the hardest!!

The listing of personnel is meaningless, could just as well been the other way around, and besides it is better to be down the list closer to the student.
In any public address good form to start in chain of command, of rank order
And lastly, it is very difficult answer cowards who sign their name "anonymous " !!

Anonymous said...

I noticed a comment in the paper that the offered salary of only 20,000 less than previously paid salary did not have any affect on the quality of candidates. That makes me wonder if, here in Joplin Missouri, a salary of, let's say, 120,000 would have still garnered quality candidates, and maybe even a few that place a little less emphasis on the almighty dollar? You can live plenty fine on 120,000 here.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

If a female Superintendent is ultimately chosen , she will be required to earn at least equal to the last male Superintendent, which I believe was in the $275 range+ car, etc. (!this is per EEOC and NLRB)
Sorry, no cutting now!

Harvey Hutchinson said...

BTW, Mr.(Ms.) anonymous,

The same logic re compensation appliires to a minority candidate as well.

The only Superintendent who you could cut back to $120,000+ perks( I agree with you, this is quite handsome for Joplin) is a White male of American heritage listing a mainstream religious preference.