Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The people who gave to Ron Richard

It seems like a small figure in these days where candidates in Missouri have now received contributions as large as $4 million but for Sen. Ron Richard, R-Joplin, it was business as usual during the last quarter with $87,000.06.

Richard now has $471,462.49 in his campaign account, according to his campaign report filed October 13 with the Missouri Ethics Association.

Richard's list of contributors included everyone from payday loan companies, health interests, pharmaceutical companies, lawyers, and energy companies.

The following gave at least $1,000 to Richard:

Pharmacist PAC of Missouri $1,000
Express Scripts Inc. $5,000
Polsinelli $1,500
Phillips 66 $1,000.66
Missouri Health Care Association $2,500
Friends of Mike Cunningham $10,000
HealthPAC $5,000
Supporters of Health Research and Treatments $3,000
Pyramid Home Health Services $2,500
Dealers Interested in Government $2,500
Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers PAC $2,000
Union Pacific Railroad $2,000
Missouri Criminal Defense Lawyers PAC $1,000
Hallmark Cards $1,000
Cerner Corporation $1,000
HCA Misosuri Good Government Fund $1,000
Altria $1,000
Norfolk Southern Corp. $1,000
Missouri Beverage PAC $1,000
UPS PAC $1,000
Advance America $1,000
Schnuck Markets $1,000
Northpark Partners $2,500
QC Holdings $1,000
Lawrence P. Chapman, Chapman Ventures, $2,500
RGA Reinsurance Company $1,000
Pfizer Inc. $1,000
David and Thelma Steward, World Wide Technology $15,000
Missouri Energy Development Association $1,000
MOSFA PAC $5,000
Missouri Soybean Association $2,000
Liberty Energy $5,000
Cummins, Inc., Washington, D. C. $1,000
MO Truck PAC $1,000

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Anonymous said...

Wonder what laws he will change to help them?