Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Missouri GOP launches website highlighting Chris Koster scandals

(From the Missouri Republican Party)

Today the Missouri Republican Party announced the launch of, a website highlighting Chris Koster's history of campaign finance scandals. The website includes newly-discovered information involving Koster's conflict-of-interest with developers seeking funds from the Missouri Housing and Development Commission (MHDC) on which Koster serves.

Campaign finance records show that developers seeking MHDC funding and tax credits from the MHDC have donated more than $200,000 to Koster's campaign in the past two years. Koster's behavior goes directly against the warning from State Auditor Susan Montee, a fellow-Democrat, who criticized commissioners in a 2009 audit for accepting campaign cash from those with business before the MHDC.

At the MHDC December 4, 2015 meeting, Koster's vote approved the FY2016 funding plan. Seven of the developers that Koster voted to award FY2016 MHDC funding and tax credits to had contributed a total of $99,250 to Koster's campaign in 2015. And so far this year, Koster has accepted $105,363.63 in contributions from developers with MHDC funding requests for FY2017. (MEC Donor Database, Accessed October 6, 2016).

This is just the latest in a series of serious campaign finance scandals that have rocked Koster's run for Governor. Most famously, the firm representing 5-Hour Energy, Dickstein Shapiro, has donated thousands to Koster in campaign cash. When one of their lobbyists asked Chris Koster to pull his "deceptive advertising" investigation of 5-Hour Energy in the Missouri Attorney General's office, Koster obliged within days. These allegations of bribery came by way of a front-page, Pulitzer Prize-winning article in the New York Times.

Additionally, Koster has accepted nearly $25,000 in contributions liked to, a known facilitator of child sex slavery and prostitution. In fact, the Backpage CEO was arrested last week and faces related charges. A letter from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children read: "More than 71% (seventy-one percent) of all child sex trafficking reports submitted by members of the public to NCMEC relate to Backpage ads."

"Chris Koster's campaign has been marred by scandal after scandal. He's been caught stopping investigations at the requests of lobbyists, doing the bidding of campaign donors, he's taken campaign contributions from an abhorrent website that facilitates child sex slavery and now we learn he has continued to take money from developers with business in front of the MHDC," said Kristen Blanchard Ansley, Director of Statewide Communications for the Missouri Republican Party. "Now Missourians can visit to learn who Chris Koster really is: a corrupt career politician who will do anything or say anything to further his political career."


Anonymous said...

Who cares? Hey he is a Democrat so he has to be better than the Republican who steals money from the very people his foundation was set up to serve.

Unknown said...

I care!! This site and Randy's article expose corruption in line with Hillary Clinton who he proposes to attach to and immulate!!

Anonymous said...

@ Harvey Hutchinson,

Greitens took $1 million dollars from a nationally renowned pedophile, he also took money from the veterans organization that was meant for the veterans, not him. Greitens' corruption is "in line" with Donald Trump, who also takes donations from Epstein, the billionaire pedophile. Trump also seems to not understand how charities work. Koster is supported by the NRA, the Missouri Farm Bureau and unions! How about that! Look like he knows how to get things done. Trump/Greitens all talk, they know nothing.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it Harvey, according to you guys we have the handle on the cemetery vote so we will simply cancel your vote.

Anonymous said...

Trump also seems to not understand how charities work.

Or rather, that his would be nitpicked to death by an openly partisan New York state politician while the same issues with the Clinton Foundation were and maybe still are ignored.

Which is truly minor in the scheme of things, unless one thinks a defense of "Foreigners buy me through 'donations' to my 'foundation'" is "Not all of Trump's foundation's paperwork was in order". Not the same thing at all.

[Trump] also takes donations from Epstein, the billionaire pedophile.

I wasn't able to find any evidence of this using Google for about 5 minutes, can you provide a citation?

As for what you say about Greitens, forget those details, he's obviously a weasel with no moral courage. It's very unlikely he'll get my vote in a few weeks, and the more the GOPe attacks and sabotages Trump, the less likely I'll vote for any of them when I most certainly vote for Trump.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:02

Trump bought two paintings of himself, a Tim Tebow helmet, and settled court judgements with money from his charity. It is not a charity if it benefits Trump.

Hillary has not received one cent from her foundation. Charities are required to provide paperwork to prove the money trail.

If you are unable to google "Trump/Epstein" then I just don't know how to make you understand.

Greitens is the GOP nominee for Governor, no less crazy or crooked than Donald Drumpf. Donald Duck is more fit for office than either.

Anonymous said...

@10:26 AM: Seeing as I do know how to Google the keywords Trump Epstein and didn't come up with anything, and you can't either when called on it, I have to assume you're lying about this, and might as well assume you're lying about everything else in your postings. Although I do wonder if Trump's foundation spent more than 3% on actual charity, you know.

Although as a side note, even if you believe the Clinton Foundations' (plural) paper trail (in which case I have a bridge you might be interested in buying), it's well known one of the main purposes of them is to keep staffers employed between political campaigns.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:31

You can't seem to find your butt with both hands. Here you go:

Read it, you might comprehend that Trump is being sued for the statutory rape of a thirteen year old girl. Epstein and Trump are a special kind of "weasels", as you called Greitens. And no, I doubt Trump's charity spent more than 3% on charitable sources. When you do illegal transactions in a charity (as Trump did) expect an investigation by the appropriate agency. If you had proof of malfeasance in the Clinton Foundation, you would post it.

Anonymous said...

As I said, you were lying. While the accusation you cite is a serious one, it saying nothing about him taking donations from Epstein, your original charge. You've merely moved the goalposts, and since I was of course using donation(s) as a keyword I didn't find it. And you're using your own lies, doubling down on them, by claiming that shows incompetence on my part.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:21

Yes, it's a serious accusation that Epstein and Trump have sex parties with thirteen year olds, and your concern is whether Epstein paid Trump?! I guess rapist partners that don't exchange money are good with you? So excuse me, Trump might not take donations from Epstein, just underage girls on his jets. You have some warped values, which is why I presume you support the moron.

Anonymous said...

your concern is whether Epstein paid Trump

No, that was your concern @4:53 PM, when you first brought up Epstein. That you didn't bring up the alleged underage sex parties in addition when expanding the attack to Trump, yet naturally think they are worse, suggests you were ignorant of those charges. I'll take being a "moron" over being grossly ignorant any day.

To recap, Greitens is a weasel with no moral courage, and irrespective of whether he took donations from Epstein or not, he isn't getting my vote. I don't believe these underage Epstein allegations against Trump, and he didn't take donations from Epstein, so your lie about that is irrelevant, and thus he's still getting my vote.

Anonymous said...

Listen here, you little Trump monkey, I never said Greitens took money from Epstein, so you are a liar. I just said pedophile, which just happens to be a different pedophole. You little Trump monkeys don't support other Republicans, as you have stated, you don't support conservativism, the only thing you do support is Trump, the guy that grabs women by the p***y, and thinks he can get by with it because he is a "star". You are so stupid that you do not understand the difference between being a moron or grossly ignorant.

I get it, Trump is your hero, little monkey. Now respond to his charity buying artwork of him for himself. Now respond to his charity paying off his court settlements, nope you can't. Just tell me who do you support? Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Green Party, or just the little masturbating monkey named Trump. Birds of a feather?

Anonymous said...

You now say "I never said Greitens took money from Epstein", but initially you said "Greitens took $1 million dollars from a nationally renowned pedophile.... Greitens' corruption is "in line" with Donald Trump, who also takes donations from Epstein, the billionaire pedophile."

I think I can be forgiven for assuming the initially cited "nationally renowned pedophile" is the same as "also takes donations from Epstein, the billionaire pedophile." Emphasis added, it's the "also" that's links the two in your prose.

But that's not the point, you claimed Trump takes donations from Epstein, I tried to confirm that with Google and failed, you said "If you are unable to google 'Trump/Epstein'...", I called you on it, you then tried a "Squirrel!" with a link to a completely different Trump and Epstein allegation.... All in all, you failed, and when you realized you were wrong, you doubled down turned it into a lie. And now you use your amazing powers of clairvoyance to determine my character, who I support and why, etc. And again fail hard, with a few exceptions:

No, we don't automatically, or in my case, at all support other Republicans if they're weasels like Greitens, which ought to make you happy, since that was after all your initial point.

We don't support a "conservatism" that hasn't conserved anything in the 60 decades its existed, if we take the mid'50s publication of The Conservative Mind and the founding of the National Review as its start; as noted by someone else, it can't even keep men out of the little girl's room.

We support Trump because "He fights" instead of gracefully losing. We support him because he's not a member of the political establishment (and I suspect got a strong distaste for what he had to pay it to do business), the so-called Uniparty that the Democrats and Republicans have become on the national level, and in many if not most states, thankfully not including Missouri.

As for your demands that I respond to what I can safely assume per the above are more lies, is, even if they aren't, "We Don't Care", one of the key principles of the rapidly coalescing Alt Right, the "irredeemable" "deplorables" who "are not America." We'll find out soon enough who's "America", will be interesting times for all....