Friday, October 07, 2016

Ed Emery: Public education responsible for homosexuality, socialism

Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, a long-time opponent of public education, took some of his strongest shots yet in a bizarre rant that included his statement of support for more charter schools in Missouri and flowing tears.

The spectacle took place at the annual chili supper of the Columbia Pachyderm Club Thursday, according to an article in the Columbia Missourian. Emery was the keynote speaker.

"If our schools produce socialists, collectivists and gender confusion, we are headed in the wrong direction" Emery said to applause from the crowd.

He went on to explain that because educators in the U.S. don't teach Christianity, things like homosexuality and gender politics have become normalized. He referred to homosexuality as a mental illness, and said the increased acceptance of homosexuality represents a "reversal of the character of America."

"How can harmful thoughts and unnatural behavior that formerly portrayed mental illness, suddenly become normal behavior, even privileged by government mandates," Emery said. 

Emery whose children did not attend public schools, and has little or no knowledge of what takes place in today's public schools became quite emotional during his speech.

Emery, choking back tears, continued, saying that schools do not focus on student achievement, only the "strength of the institution." He told a story of a legislative event he attended, along with many school administrators.

"We were informed about the positive impact on the community, how many groundskeepers they hired," Emery said. "But there was not a single word about students."

If Emery listened to more than this particular public school educator, he would have found few, if any others, who did not speak about their students.

Of course, that wouldn't be worth any tears.

(Note: The story has been edited to remove a reference that said Emery had not attended public schools.)


Anonymous said...

Holy shit!

Anonymous said...

Ed Emery will go down as one crazy politician. Everyone knows it. How does he stay elected?

Anonymous said...


Talk about a full tilt loon!

Sepaking abou perversions and the perverts that perpetrate them...

What does Ed Emery think about old Tic Tac Trump?

Who is responsible for that hot mess?


Steve Holmes said...

Who is responsible for that hot mess, 8:44? The people who elected him. They must like what they hear. That's the scary part.

Tim Wells said...

I am Tim Wells, candidate for State Senate district 31, I am his opponent and I am an Independent. I support and believe in public education! I want to public schools and attended State Universities to obtain both my bachelors degree and my masters degree. If you support pubic education and the professionalism of public school teachers, please give me your vote and encourage your friends to do so as well!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I don't live in your district, otherwise I would vote for you. My representative, like Emory, votes with the leadership in the Missouri House. We need to change this before we become like Kansas!!

Good luck on your campaign Tim!!

Larry Stevenson said...

Whoever wrote this article needs to check his "facts". I went to school with Ed in the public schools of Nevada, Missouri. He and his family are some of the most loving and decent people I've ever known. Furthermore, they had the courage to speak and live their convictions.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but what's wrong with wanting Christianity back in schools? What wrong with thinking that homosexuality isn't natural? I don't hate anyone who's chosen to be gay. But it doesn't need to be taught in school! I think he's a great guy! He's right! Our schools are producing socialists and gender confusion! I'm hesitant to send my 1 yr old to any public school because of the terrible mess they're in! Schools are most definitely headed in the wrong direction! Unless I guess you're one of the parents that is receiving government money to raise your child...then I'm sure you think it's just peachy!....which is my point exactly

Anonymous said...

I agree! They're good people. Tall about a bias article! The day children and teachers are allowed to say the pledge again, and openly say a prayer before meals will be the day you can scrutinize a man for his convictions. This is a poorly researched article written with liberal tinted glasses. Report the facts, friend.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, what? I hope I read that mess of a comment incorrectly. If your child recieves government assistance you are more likely to support being gay and socialism? How did you manage to connect those two dots? That's like me assuming you were homeschooled because you lack the education to actual statistics to support your ramblings.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to point out that I work in a public school. The pledge is said by both teachers and students every day. Students are allowed to pray whenever they choose to. What's wrong with Christianity in schools is that, I know you will find this hard to believe, not everyone in the U.S. is a Christian. There are many people with good values and character that are not Christians, and plenty of people who are Christians who do not.