Friday, October 28, 2016

Koch: $2.5 million P1 settlement will come out of reserves

A wire transfer of $2.5 million has to be made from the Joplin R-8 School District to the P1 Group by Tuesday, November 1, and that money will come from the district's reserves.

R-8 Board President Jeff Koch confirmed to the Turner Report moments ago that the money, the payment of which will end the nearly two-year-old lawsuit, will be taken out of the reserve fund, which CFO Paul Barr said earlier this year was up to 25 percent after falling to around 10 percent during the C. J. Huff Administration.

Barr's assessment of the district reserve fund also includes counting on reimbursement from FEMA and SEMA for building projects, though millions of dollars in "errors and omissions" have yet to be approved by the government agencies.

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Anonymous said...


I don't think Paul Barr knows the difference between capital reserves and peach preserves. He's counting, as reserves, on his and CJ's "Might as well" spending that FEMA is more than likely deny reimbursement. You reported in March 2, 2015 that the accelerated construction costs were a little over $4 million, so I never understood how the lawsuit claimed $6 million. Kudos to the BOE for bringing the total cost to less than what you originally reported. Randy, when the final decay of the Huff administration is completed and reconciled, I would love to know what the total cost our district.

Anonymous said...

R-8 Board President Jeff Koch confirmed to the Turner Report ....that's all you need to read to know the problem. The fact that the BOE President talks to you and your blog should be concern enough for everyone. The Turner Report spends the majority of the time copying and pasting articles and press releases, and the rest of the time bashing the R-8. Sounds like one idiot giving another idiot information.

Anonymous said...

@8:19 You mean the R-8 Board President answered a question when asked? I saw quotes from him in the Globe and on KODE. What would be the headline if he didn't answer the question? "Board president refuses to talk to community member". Give me a break. Sounds like you have a problem with Randy and his ability to tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a problem with Randy and his ability to tell the truth.

He may have a problem with Randy's ability to look at press releases and things at that level, like the report of DA Dankelson's campaign contributions, and figure out when something's fishy about them. There's like one other journalist in the area who can both do that and is allowed to do it, right? (I forget his name, he works for a TV station.)

Anonymous said...

Never in the history of Misdouri school districts had any one had to pay 2.5 million dollars in overtime! Why oh why are we so inept?

Anonymous said...

CJ Huff gets $300k and costs us taxpayers millions! Maybe Webb City Schools should take us over. They would never be in such a mess!