Friday, October 28, 2016

Minutes indicate Joplin R-8 reaches "separation agreement" with Mark Barlass

They're breaking up that old gang of C. J.'s.

Director of Buildings and Grounds Mike Johnson retired.

Chief Operations Officer Tina Smith resigned.

Curriculum Director Sarah Stevens was reassigned and later resigned.

East Middle School Principal Bud Sexson was reassigned and later resigned.

McKinley Elementary Principal Terri Hart resigned.

And, of course, C. J. Huff himself, retired, though he is still being paid through the end of this calendar year.

The latest to join the parade was Executive Director Mark Barlass, whose resignation was accepted by the Board of Education during a closed session Tuesday.

According to the minutes, which were posted this afternoon, the board unanimously accepted Barlass' resignation, which came as a result of an ultimatum to resign or be fired. After that vote, the board unanimously voted to "approve the separation agreement between Joplin Schools and Mark Barlass."
 At this point, no action has been taken on the resignation of Director of Early Childhood Education Amanda Boyer, but multiple sources have indicated to the Turner Report that the details of her departure are still being worked out.

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