Saturday, October 08, 2016

Former employee on obituary charges: Joplin Globe has to get its money somewhere

The responses to retired Joplin teacher Brenda Schmid's well-written criticism of the Joplin Globe's milking money out of grieving families by charging high prices to print obituaries have continued to pour in.

One of those who commented described himself or herself as a former Joplin Globe employee and wrote the following:

The Joplin Globe has to get its money from somewhere, folks. 

The Globe is expected to turn a nice profit for its owner, Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. 

Papers which are locally owned, such as the Webb City Sentinel, still provide free obituaries. 

The problem with the Globe charging for obituaries is that it loses its unofficial status as the newspaper of record in Joplin and Jasper County. This is not important to CNHI, which cares only about making money. 

That said, CNHI is a much better steward of its properties than newspaper groups such as Gatehouse, which bleeds its papers dry and then moves on.

Gatehouse Media, it should be noted, owns the Carthage Press, Neosho Daily News, Pittsburg Morning Sun, and the Big Nickel in this area.


Anonymous said...

The Globe employee might be right in his definition of "newspaper of record" comment, as the news provided is not without bias. However, the Globe is the newspaper of public record" for Jasper County as it provides the publication of legal notices for residents and courts and is considered sufficient legal notice. That is my problem, why do I have to subscribe to Beatty/Stark's rag of slanted opinion to be sure I haven't missed proper legal notification? Anyone for a petition to remove the Globe as the newspaper of public record?

Anonymous said...

I was so upset with the "Joplin Globe" after having paid several hundred dollars, for both my Mother's and Father's obituary. I even paid extra for their photos to be added; only for them to tell me, no I couldn't view it online because I wasn't a paying customer. I left the obituaries in the paper, out of respect for my parents. But, I feel that the "Joplin Globe" is not being fair!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at this, because most of the legal noticed are in the Webb City Sent

Anonymous said...

I would say this is the start of the end everyone will quit paying for obit's.They have already quit paying classfied. There use to to be a lot of jobs not anymore.Then they will go up on ads they wil quit. Like the ex glob guy said it has to come from some where.