Monday, October 24, 2016

Billy Long report: $12,000+ in meals in Vegas, Cleveland, Chicago, elsewhere

In the 92 days covered by Seventh District Congressman Billy Long's latest financial report, filed October 15 with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), contributors paid for 153 meals, costing $12,231.98.

Long had meals and expenses paid for during two trips to Las Vegas and for his days at the Republic National Convention in Cleveland.

Some of the contributions went for the more conventional reasons usually covered in campaign finance reports.

The Long campaign paid $214,473 to Strategic Media Services and $73,892 to Rising Tide Media Group for advertising and $29,733 to Axiom Strategies for direct mailing.

Some of the more memorable expenses:

-$1,328.04 to Hill Country Barbecue Market, Washington, D. C.
-$355.59 to Prime Rib, Washington, D. C.
-$730.40 to Hill Country Barbecue Market
-$181.70 for Capitol Hill Club meal
-$746.03 to, Dallas, Texas
-$410.74 to Allegiant Air, Las Vegas, September 13
-$122.01 to Marriott Downtown, Hartford, Connecticut September 20
-$281.04 to Atls Car Service, Los Angeles September 26
-$139.92 to Allegiant Air Las Vegas September 27
-$7.486 to Omni Limousine, Las Vegas September 30
-$217.10 to Caesar's Raos Restaurant, Las Vegas September 27
-$1,042.83 to Cut Las Vegas for meal, September 27
-$13.77 to Di Fara's Pizza, Las Vegas September 27
-$5,774 to Wynn Las Vegas Hotel for lodging September 29
-$23.76 to Zoozacrackers, Las Vegas, for meal, September 29
-$17.16 to Flat Breadz, Las Vegas, meal, September 29
-$163.78 to Bold Food and Drink, Cleveland, Ohio for meal July 20
-$732.74 to Red the Steakhouse, Cleveland, for meal, July 21
-$389.94 to Morton's Steakhouse, Cleveland, for meal, July 22
-$51.46 to O'Hare Bar and Grill, Chicago, for meal July 25
-$2,488.21 to Wyndham Hotel, Cleveland, for lodging July 25
-$1,185.29 to Flame, Springfield, for meal August 8

Long raised $276,593.84 during the past three months and spent $434,679.51, leaving him with $452,372.67.


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that the people of SWMO will vote his sorry fat ass back in!! Then they will blame Obama and Hillary for the sorry state that they think they have to live in.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Billy, Mr. Billy. You eat like a big hog. God help us how you eat.

Anonymous said...

I snorted when I started to read this.

Then I squealed in outrage.