Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Billy Long: Democrats can't beat Donald Trump, but Republicans can

Seventh District Congressman Billy Long says GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has his complete backing..

Responding to the actions of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who said he would not make campaign appearances with Trump or defend him, while continuing to offer support to down ballot candidates.

Long says Ryan shouldn't be worrying as much about holding on to the House.

From Missourinet:

“No congressman puts people on the Supreme Court, the President of the United States does that,” said Long. “If we let Hillary Clinton get elected and put two to four people on the Supreme Court, the fabric of this country is going to be changed for the next 40 to 50 years.”

Long also says Republicans are responsible for any problems Trump is having:

“A Democrat cannot beat Donald Trump, but the Republicans can, and they’re sure trying right now.”


Harvey Hutchinson said...

Amen!! Congressman Long!!

You hit the nail right on the screws!!

Anonymous said...

This nutcase is probably one of Trump's deplorables.

The rallygoer, who identified herself as Rhonda, told the Indiana governor that many in the room are “scared of voter fraud” in the upcoming general election—garnering applause from fellow attendees. Our lives depend on this election,” she continued," and I will tell you that, if Hillary Clinton gets in... I’m ready for a revolution because we can’t have her in.” Pence responded, “Don’t say that,” prompting Rhonda to declare that she is “like Trump” in that she speaks the truth on behalf of the crowd.

What do you say Billy Long?

You are either for this or against this.

Anonymous said...

Don't look for Long if the Revolution starts, he will be hiding under the poker table.

Anonymous said...

This thread seems to be missing a comment....

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those who are talking revolution understand the word "reason." Revolution and protest are not interchangeable. What they are saying is that a democratic process only counts if they win. The ease of some people to pick up propaganda and continue spewing it as truth is truly alarming in a country where the truth is easily found. Hatred is contagious, and we must be careful that we do not spread it. These are shameful times.

Anonymous said...

Stock up on tinfoil before the democRAT's ban it!

Anonymous said...

Any idiot who actually thinks he/she can pick up his/her assault rifle and bring down the government deserves what is going to happen to them.

Anonymous said...

That was ignorant.