Monday, October 17, 2016

Post-Dispatch, KC Star, AP two days behind Turner Report on Greitens story

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Kansas City Star, and Associated Press unveiled reports today revealing that SEALS for Truth, the organization that contributed what at that time was the largest political contribution in Missouri history, $1,975,000, to Republican candidate for governor Eric Greitens, had received all of its money from an untraceable organization called the American Policy Coalition.

The fact that voters have no idea of who contributed nearly $2 million of a candidate's money, which was poured into the money during the final days of the primary election is a big news story.

Of course, Turner Report readers learned all of this two days ago.

The Turner Report post began like this:

At the time, it was the largest contribution in Missouri history.

A political action committee named SEALS for Truth contributed $1.975 million to Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens July 18, just in time to help Greitens continue the multi-million dollar advertising campaign that launched the former Navy SEAL to the GOP nomination.

The PAC's October financial disclosure report, filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) indicates that when it comes to SEALS for Truth, there are likely no SEALS and no truth.

The Kansas City Star article notes that the donation is no longer the largest in state history:

While the $1.9 million donation from SEALs for Truth to Greitens was at one time the largest single donation to a candidate in Missouri history, it was surpassed by a $2.5 million check to Greitens from the Republican Governors Association.

As much as I hate to dispute something that is written in the Kansas City Star, that is inaccurate.

Two days ago the Turner Report published a post titled Greitens lands $4 million contribution, largest in Missouri history.

That contribution also came from the Republican Governors Association, which also contributed another $2.5 million to the Greitens campaign today. To date, Greitens has received at least $13.5 million from the association.

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