Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Creve Coeur Democrat outlines attacks against workers, teachers in legislature

In her weekly podcast, Sen. Jill Schlupp details bills that have passed or are being considered in the state legislature that are designed to attack unions and classroom teachers.

It is a long list and that type of legislation has been about the only thing that has made its way to Gov. Eric Greitens' desk thus far.

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Anonymous said...

On so many things it is going to be too little too late for workers and our educational system. Voters had a chance to drift off the Republican platform of all for the upper 10% and they failed to the nth degree. Not sure how they can continue on the same path year after year, but they fail to see what is in front of them. Nixon was quick to call in FEMA and the state resources to bail out Joplin and many communities after natural disasters, but the republicans have failed to fess up to his effort to help neighborhoods, natural resources and workers in Missouri. Missouri sadly deserves what it gets which will be a failing state as in Kansas and Oklahoma who have been republican strongholds for years. Low education achievement is what is desired by our legislature to fortify their agenda of all for corporate and little in the way of health, education or environmental protection to provide for citizens pursuit of happiness. Oops, worked in the Constitution which is bad for me.