Monday, March 20, 2017

McCaskill: Let's keep the Russian connection from being swept under the rug

(From Sen. Claire McCaskill)

There’s one thing we should all be keeping front and center in the constant flood of crazy news: Russia launched a cyberattack on the United States with the goal of influencing our elections and undermining our democracy.

The Trump administration should be working overtime to learn how this attack happened and prevent it from happening again. But instead, we’re seeing report after report about Russia’s connections to President Trump’s administration – and maybe even his campaign.

This is serious, and the American people deserve answers. That’s why I’m calling for a full and public investigation into Russia’s influence campaign on our government and the election. Will you add your name to stand with me?

Click here to sign the petition demanding a full investigation into Russia’s influence campaign on our government and the election.

I can promise you that I’m doing everything I can to get to the bottom of this. Together, we can prevent this from being swept under the rug.

Thanks for speaking out.


Concerned citizen said...

After Obama's wimpy actions with the Russians, Good Old Claire is spouting her inside the beltway talking points. Trump ain't close to perfect but what Claire and the Democrats have done to us is the REAL CRIME. Trump will not let Russians run over the world like BO did..

Unknown said...

Very good point, Concerned Citizen 6:57!

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Intelligent concerned citizen said...

Trump is a puppet of the Russians. They own him, and will call in the notes on their financing of his ventures, or expose his "golden shower" escapade when he was in Russia for the Miss Universe pageant. Anyone paying attention to what the Director of the FBI or NSA has claimed about the investigation into Trump's Russian connections knows there is trouble brewing for Dirty Don the con. Impeachment should be the least of his worries, he's looking at treason to the US, which can carry the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

Very good point, Intelligent concerned citizen 12:35!

The Russian blackmailing of der Trumpenfuhrer should be talking points for the "Party before country" republican hypocrites. Trump should be impeached within the next 2 months. Then we can stop paying $10,000,000 + per month for his golf outings in Florida and his N.Y. Dump Towers. That would definitely help pay for Meals on Wheels.

Unknown said...

Where's the evidence for any of this "grassy knoll" stuff?
Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text 24/7

Anonymous said...

The best is yet to come. Once the independent investigations start the fools will start turning on each other. If you want to ask where the evidence is, why don't you ask for the evidence of the wiretap? Why don't you ask for the evidence of the 3 to 5 million illegal votes? Why don't you ask where is the evidence that Mexico will pay for the wall? Why don't you ask why your illustrious loser doesn't show his tax returns? You hypocritical party before country types don't think you need to follow your own rules or laws.

Unknown said...

At that point we'll see how Bill and Hillary Clinton gave the Russians 30% of our Montana uranium. Now they can both bombs to attack us with, as well sell to the Iranians to make more bombs to attack us with-/ such a deal from such wonderful ( despicable) Bill and Hillary Clinton!!

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