Friday, March 31, 2017

Former KOAM reporter moves to Kansas City market

Former KOAM reporter Rudy Harper has been hired at KCTV in Kansas City, where he will begin working the night shift Wednesday.

Harper began his career in the Joplin market before moving on to WALA in Mobile, Alabama.

It is a return home for Harper, who graduated from Park University.


Inside Carthage said...

Rudy interviewed my husband and me for KOAM after our son died. He made a MAJOR mistake in his report and said something awful about my husband. He had literally misread a quote in the police report. It was a truly innocent mistake, but it was a biggie. The station immediately issued a retraction and apology, but it was Rudy that made me feel better. He was profoundly upset with himself and desperately apologetic. He even called the people directly affected by his mistake and explained. He's a good man who deserves to go far.

Anonymous said...

Very professional reporter. Good to see.