Friday, March 24, 2017

Publisher: Don't worry about cuts, our papers will be "stronger, more robust"

For those of you who are concerned that fewer editions of the Carthage Press, Neosho Daily News, Pittsburg Morning Sun and Miami News-Record, don't be.

Jamey Honeycutt, Gatehouse Media's regional publisher, told Fox 14 Thursday that fewer editions will enable the newspapers to offer readers a better product.

"Our communities will be better served by stronger, more robust editions filled with more local news," Honeycutt promised in a statement provided to reporter Chloe Leshner.

Honeycutt provided no details on how this would be done, considering that the fewer editions will also be accompanied by job cuts.

At Carthage, long-time reporter Becca Haines, a Carthage native, lost her job. leaving two people, Managing Editor John Hacker and Sports Editor Brennan Stebbins on the news staff.

Honeycutt is promising that daily news will continue to be covered on the newspapers' internet sites, a prospect that provides little comfort with fewer staff members to provide that news.


Anonymous said...

Ms Haines seems highly regarded. In Joplin, we are stuck with Pound, Finley, and Stark. God bless America.

Anonymous said...

President Donald Trump claims to be an expert at making deals too.

Jessica said...

I only know Ms. Haines from her involvement in the Carthage community and her work at the Press, but I have come to regard her as a highly intelligent and passionate woman with a great work ethic. I quit reading the Globe a long time ago, so I only know Pound from his humorous columns and Finley from her columns (both of whice I enjoy ed in the past). I am not familiar with their news reporting. Stark is someone I hear a lot of people complain about because she "doesn't respect the readers' interests." What do you dislike about them?