Saturday, March 18, 2017

Note to Turner: Eighty percent of people in Joplin area are the "racists" you don't like

My post Friday in which I said I will no longer run racist comments appears to have angered a segment of our community that always seems to be angered.

In other words, those who want to turn the clock back to "the good old days" when white men were the only ones who had a say about anything and women and people whose skin color was not white knew their place and kept their mouths shut.

Most white men do not feel that way, but of course, anyone who doesn't is labeled a liberal even if he has voted Republican in every election since the Eisenhower Administration.

Some of the comments I have received have been so vile they wouldn't have had a chance of being printed even before yesterday's post.

One was filled with comments that to me spelled out everything that is wrong in our society. Naturally, this person is probably filled with pride that I have described him in such a manner.

Most of the people in the area hold the 'racist' notions that this country belongs to them and their posterity like the Constitution says in its preamble and not whatever dregs crawled across the border somehow with their anchor babies. What was the percentage who voted for Trump who sorta said much the same thing? 75-80 percent or so?

You want to censor the comments of 80% of the local population for saying what they really think then have at it Turner. You do nothing but lie about local leaders and then you whine when they tell the truth about you. And no, it isn't a matter of the First Amendment which you hate, but rather a matter of moral and physical cowardice in that you can't take a tenth of the criticism that you dish out as a mere irresponsible blogger.

The Joplin Globe should frame this post to show what a reflexive liar and hypocrite you are.

So much is wrong with the comment (which I did not put on the original post), that is hard to know where to start.

The writer is mistaken if he believes that the wide margin of victory Donald Trump received in this area is a sign that 80 percent of the people are racist.

Not by any stretch of the imagination.

People voted for Donald Trump for many reasons- they were dissatisfied with the status quo in Washington and were looking for change, they couldn't stand the thought of Hillary Clinton being elected, and yes, some of them did want to build the wall.

Just because people want the wall to be built does not necessarily make them racist. Illegal immigration is a complicated issue and wanting it stopped is not a sign that a person is bigoted.

It is hard to take someone seriously who has such a low opinion of the people of this area. It is quite fitting that he speaks from the vantage point of anonymity.

As for his other comments, the idea that I am telling lies about the elected leaders of Joplin- that idea has been thrown at me since I have started. I am still here and many of those elected leaders and the officials they have hired are just bad memories. I don't take credit for that, but I have played a part in what has happened in Joplin and my work has been backed up by documents, including having much of it borne out in state audits and court filings.

I have been doing this in one form or another since 1977 and I have been criticized by many people, and there have been occasions when I deserved the criticism. When it comes to he commentary on this blog, I do not expect everyone to agree with me, but whether you agree with me or disagree it needs to be done in a civilized manner.

I am not eliminating comments from the people who voted for Donald Trump and while I disagree with their choice for president, I have never for one instant considered their votes to be a sign that they are consumed with the same kind of hatred and bigotry that seems to afflict the commenter.

Certainly, there are a few racists among Trump supporters, but then there are probably some who voted for Hillary Clinton or one of the third party candidates who are afflicted with the same malady.

As for the Joplin Globe, I have absolutely no doubt that the people at the Globe, some of whom seethe with anger at the mention of my name, would not want to be associated with someone who is so filled with bitterness and cannot believe that any rational person could not be filled with the same rage and contempt for everyone who is different.

Donald Trump supporters will not have any problem having their comments posted on the Turner Report.

People who express themselves in the contemptible manner shown by the commenter are no longer welcome.

Racist comments will no longer be allowed to contaminate the Turner Report


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Anonymous said...

To the racist peckerwood:

Life is hard, everybody gets that, but you want to blame your struggle not on yourself, the politicians, but blame it on immigrants with the anchor babies. Then you wrap yourself in the Preamble to the Constitution, demanding some sort of due posterity from the founders. Your ignorance is breathtaking!! You do understand this country was founded by immigrants without papers, and made no provision prohibiting future immigration. This article I'm posting cites some of these illegals paying into income taxes, social security taxes, sales taxes, etc... And never receiving a dime in return. It details family struggles which is possibly beyond your understanding.

As far as Turner and the local men and women he has exposed to the citizens and readers of this blog, they aren't faring so well. Just to name a few...CJ Huff is totally discredited, unable to find employment, and terminated from the public payroll, Mike Woolston resigned to avoid an ethics hearing and is disgraced, Little Mikey Landis a laughstock, Randy Stanley is not to be believed, and I won't even get into the women. Your claim is demonstrably false.

Then you go on to claim a mandate that 75-80 % of the voting public agrees with you. Your ability to read the minds of those that voted for Trump only to blow up the government to be agreeing with your racist agenda, is just fantasy. you need to just keep your head down working, don't say stupid crap, and pay your respects to those wiser than you, I expect about 75-80 % of the population. You want to kno who to blame for your problems, requires no more than a look in the mirror, and I know it is ugly, but true!

Anonymous said...


Trumpster election day joke: "Dude hold my beer and watch me vote!"