Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ed Emery: Prevailing wage hurts our schools, libraries, universities


Anonymous said...

Ed is scared of LGBTQ, he is scared of good wages for employees, and he is scared of public schools that don't indoctrinate religion. I think he's too scared to adequately represent his constituents. Fire his scared butt!!!

Ed Emory is right said...

There is a reason for public buildings being far more expensive than private commercial buildings: Having to provide kickbacks and hiring union help. This means in turn higher taxes to pay for higher bond issues where nothing is ever paid off.

A mall or big-box store is built for the smallest cost per square foot. A school building, which is nothing but a space with a blackboard and unused over 90% of the time and not really needed in this Internet age anyways, is the most expensive per square foot.

Ed Emory understands the taxpayer. You so-called teachers need to know your place and stop whining about how we need to pay more taxes into your trough.

Randy said...

You are the one who seems to have a problem with teachers and little understanding of what education is all about. This has nothing to do with paying more to teachers but in making sure that quality work is done in public construction. Apparently, your school experience was not good. From the hateful things you have written in the past, I am assuming that having you as a student was no picnic for the teachers either.

Ed Emery is a turd said said...

@ 8:28

You don't know jack squat about construction. After 40+ years in the construction industry, I can tell you that public schools are not the highest cost per square foot. Hospitals exceed the cost per square foot price of most common projects. Power plants, nuclear facilities, and Public works projects like dams are even more expensive. As far as unions and kickbacks that your "yuuuge" stupidity claims, it is demonstrably false. Unions are 10% of the workforce and certainly aren't the exclusive contractors on public projects. Rat bastards also build them, if you bothered to check facts. Public work projects are built to safety standards far exceeding your "big box stores"', and are designed by architects and engineers that completed designs to meet those standards.

What Ed Emery understands is that "rat bastard" contractors can hire employees from a personnel company, pay them $15.00 per hour, including workman's compensation insurance and work them on these projects. The rat bastard bills the worker at the prevailing wage of $24.00 per hour, and then the contractor and him split the $9.00 per hour difference on each employee. The temporary employee from the personnel agency, like yourself is too stupid to know he is entitled to the full wage had he had the training. Ed Emory is the boy from "Deliverance" playing you like the banjo in "Dueling Banjos"! Ed's nickname for you is "Play-Doh" because he molds you to spout ignorance.

Anonymous said...

I want you all to realize that shoddy construction gets people killed. I think the public would be better served if Ed paid more attention to the inspection process.

Turner is ALWAYS fired for cause said...

Turner is typical for public school teachers -- always 'thinking' that children are bred so as to give liberals like himself a job trying to turn children into worthless mindless infantile drones like himself. Thus they gravitate to where they can "rub up" and corrupt the minds and morals of the young.

I really don't much care what you parasites think or want or like. A super-majority of the people in this area liked that you were fired as a reporter/editor and school teacher and that whenever you get detected you can't be run off fast enough.

What I really like about the last year and the election of Trump is how it is quite clear that we won't be living with each other in peace for long.

Ed Emory is going to term-limit out and will be replaced by another one just like him.

I am wary of those with an interest in the same old lies telling me that they are "experts."

Common sense says to moron said...

@ 6:52

Let's see, you claim amongst other nonsense, that Turner has been declared by a "super-majority" in this area. Lol, let's look at a few facts:

1. Neither myself, my family, my friends, or anyone I know has responded such to any poll questions re: Turner.
2. You cite no evidence of any such poll, methods used, or questions asked, i.e... As a reporter, as a teacher, etc..
3. Turner has more readers on his blog, including yourself, than the Globe or other area news outlets.
4. The fact that you support the con man President gives you zero credibility.

Then you go on to claim we won't be living with each other in peace very long. We can have peace, as long as you don't practice the racist, misogynistic, and hate preached by Trump and Emery. If I witness such to friends, family, or anyone in public, you can bet the home place that I will not be peaceful with you.