Monday, March 20, 2017

Graves: We must hold true to our Republican ideals

(From Sixth District Congressman Sam Graves)

On March 20, 1854, a group of former Whig Party loyalists came together in the small central Wisconsin town of Ripon. Their objective was to replace the failing Whig Party - plotting a new path forward during a perilous and uncertain time in American history.

What emerged from that meeting was the modern-day Republican Party.

Today, the party of small government, free market economics, personal responsibility, and military might is tasked with leading both the legislative and executive branches of government in Washington, D.C.

But with that power comes significant responsibility, and the understanding that we must hold true to the Republican ideals that resonated with Americans last November.

That means rewriting a tax code designed for growth and simplicity - not loopholes and mandates.

It means replacing Obamacare with policies that empower the free market, restore personal freedoms, and increase access to more diverse and affordable forms of coverage.

It means eliminating useless federal regulations that kill jobs and stifle private sector innovation.

And it means ensuring America’s military is the strongest, most envied body of national defense in the world. One so powerful that it would deter even the most aggressive or ambitious foreign actor from testing our military capabilities.

But, in the end, it's more than any one simple policy that defines our party.

Ultimately, our approach to governing comes down to this simple fact: we believe that individuals, families and God are better suited to make decisions about the lives of people than government.

That is what drives me in Congress. And it is what continues to drive the party founded 163 years ago today.


Unknown said...

Beautiful post, Representative Graves!!
Keep up the excellent work!

Harvey Hutchinson 302-522-6622 voice&text 24/7
PS: I am in Representative Billy Long's District;
But follow statewide Nd other districts as well

Anonymous said...

All the military hardware in the world cannot stop urban style terrorism. We are not marching troops across Europe nor are we scatter bombing a jungle. We need more cyber intelligence to protect our nations citizens in so many ways. I do not like this macho aggressive attitude that we need more firepower. It will not get us the desired respect that we need. The Mafia was respected only out of fear, not character. Tax codes brought them down, not weapons.

Steve Holmes said...

Graves said:

"Ultimately, our approach to governing comes down to this simple fact: we believe that individuals, families and God are better suited to make decisions about the lives of people than government."*

*Except about abortion, marijuana legalization and a business's right to keep guns out of a store. Then, the State knows best.

Anonymous said...

The Religious Right wants government out of our lives, except to fight their religious wars. And worse yet, the churches don't have to give a dime to the cause.

Anonymous said...

What can you expect from a political party whose first candidate for President had a history of eating other people?

Anonymous said...

@ 4:08

I assume you're referring to Colonel John Fremont. He wasn't a member of the Donner Party, but he did send a rescue party to assist them while he was fighting in the Mexican-American War in an attempt to liberate Santa Barbara. So no, Fremont was not a cannibal, but he was the original Republican racist against Mexicans, although Mexicans were the original residents of California.

Anonymous said...

Which set of ideals are you speaking about Graves? The grab 'em by the pussy and lie about everything while supporting party before country ideals? The "Put a narcissistic mentally ill white supremacist in the White House" ideals? The "Back Russia while denying our children and elderly get meals" ideals? Grow some guts and brains you spineless wimp. Do what is "for the good of the people" not just your rich owners.