Friday, March 31, 2017

Greitens appoints Illinois official to head Department of Labor

(From Gov. Eric Greitens)

Today, Governor Eric Greitens announced that Anna Hui, Acting Director of the Illinois Department of Labor, will become the new Director of the Missouri Department of Labor.

Hui also previously served as the Chief of Staff to Elaine Chao, former U.S. Secretary of Labor and current U.S. Secretary of Transportation, during the Secretary's tenure at the Heritage Foundation. 

Governor Greitens released the following statement, “Anna Hui has proven herself to be a fearless change agent at the state and federal level. We are honored to have her join us to shake up Jefferson City and bring some much needed reforms to the Missouri Department of Labor.”


Anonymous said...

Greitens has no loyalty to Missouri residents as evidenced by his out of state selections for Directors for Missouri agencies. Greitens doesn't take questions from reporters and has chosen to be the Facebook Governor that hides behind a wall that puts out messages that he controls and doesn't have the obligation to respond to reporters critical questions. Seems like the onetime Navy Seal is taking the coward's approach to governing. Damn "fake" news reporters won't play his propaganda game.

Anonymous said...

No Missouri residents capable of heading the Department?

Concerned citizen said...

751 and 418....typical provincial thinking....ever heard of connections/networks.. good job Governor!

Anonymous said...

@ Concerned citizen

The opposite of provincial thinking is liberal thinking. You damn liberals think screwing over your own people for your liberal networking and connections is okay. Let's examine the evidence....
1. Comer was appointed Director of DNR. From Indiana
2. Precythe was appointed Director of Corrections. From North Carolina
3. Randall Williams appointed Dir.of Health, Human Services. From North Carolina
4. Chlora Myers appointed Director of Ins., Fin. Inst., and Reg. From Georgia
5. Joel Waters appointed Director of Revenue. From Minnesota

Your liberal thinking might lead you to believe there were no qualified candidates that were residents of Missouri, but that would be ignorant. Governor Greitens is not loyal to the citizens, he is a traitorous coward.

Concerned citizen said...

922....laughable...Conservative you are NOT.Informed,experienced, prudent don't fit your small world outlook.

Anonymous said...

@ Concerned citizen troll,

Your ignorance is blinding! Eidence proves you wrong at every turn. These CONSERVATIVE organizations endorsed Koster not Greitens:
1. National Rifle Association
2. Missouri Farm Bureau
3. Fraternal Order of Police
These are about as conservative as it gets, and all thought Koster more conservative than Greitens the greaseball. Greitens once was a Democrat, so your theory that only conservatives are informed, experienced, and prudent doesn't hold water. It does however match your posts...ill informed, inexperienced, and nonsensical.