Thursday, March 16, 2017

City of Joplin's baseball lawsuits settled

(From the City of Joplin)

As a result of mediation between the parties and their representatives, a compromise settlement agreement has been reached whereby all the parties have agreed to mutually release each other from any and all claims stemming from the various leases and agreements entered into between the baseball entities and the City of Joplin.

The City will pay to Charter Sports, LLC a sum of $25,000 for a Warranty Deed transferring three pieces of property which are part of the parking lots adjacent to the stadium and that the current lawsuit filed in the Circuit Court of Jasper County, Missouri will be dismissed with prejudice each party to bear their own costs.

This settlement was entered into between the parties after a full discussion and consideration of all of the various issues involved including what was recognized to be the significant expense to be incurred by all parties in moving forward with the litigation.


Steve Holmes said...

As upset as I am at the Blasters being able to avoid their last lease payment, I have no argument with this settlement. I would like to have seen the city refuse to buy the lots. It might have gotten a better deal had Oscar Suarez had to hang onto them longer. Does anyone know what he paid for them?

But there's no use continuing to spend city money on litigation against people who appear to have nothing. Learn what you can from this bad experience. Move on.

I *hope* the city learned something from this.

Anonymous said...

They didn't. An "event center" is now being pushed by the same people who rubber stamped and pushed hiring Wallace-Bejali for the tornado recovery effort.

Anonymous said...

9:25....A sub-committee of the Vision 2022 group is recommending an indoor sports facility.....not an "event center". The two are very different. An event center would be too costly and would not be sustainable, whereas, an indoor sports facility would be feasible and would allow Joplin to build upon its sports marketing successes during the late fall and winter and provide an additional opportunity for the City to offer enhanced sports programming to the citizens. It has been demonstrated that for every dollar spent on sports marketing that eleven dollars are generated in economic impact to the community. The Blasters deal was not a part of the sports marketing effort.....that was strictly a deal between the City Council and the Saurez group.