Monday, March 06, 2017

Ed Emery on sodomy: The acronym they use is LGBT

Ed Emery can't seem to get his mind off the gay lifestyle.

In his weekly column, he decried efforts to declare "sodomy"  as a protected class, referring to gays and lesbians.

In the accompanying podcast, just before the three-minute mark, Emery gets wound up about the subject again.

He spoke about the amount of time that was spent trying to "add sodomy- the acronym they use is LGBT.

"I looked at that and said, 'Why would we add that as a protected class?' "


Anonymous said...

Ed, Ed, Ed...thou doth protest to much. You are going to make us get up a Go Fund Me page, to solicit funds to hire a private investigator to document your twisted life. I would bet you are the submissive to a dominatrix, you know the good old clean sex thattheLord approves of for his children. I could see you in a pink tutu, with your wife and a paddle. You are far more creepy than any LGBTQ person that I have ever met.

Anonymous said...

"Ed Emery can't seem to get his mind off the gay lifestyle."

And apparently neither can you Turner, neither can you. Tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

I googled "Are Ed Emery and Billy Long butt buddies" without success.

Anonymous said...

These are the comments you "moderate" and then choose to publish, Turner? Your blog promotes such intellectual discussions!! Wow...