Thursday, May 04, 2017

Joplin Christians' attacks on Jane Doe winner in Victory Ministries lawsuit included in court filing

The winning plaintiff in the Victory Ministries lawsuit says she had no choice but to turn to outside lawyers when she filed her action against the Joplin R-8 School District.

In an affidavit filed today in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri, "Jane Doe" who filed her lawsuit after North Middle School students took a field trip to Victory Ministries and Sports Complex in 2015, explained why she did not hire a Joplin attorney:

 I did not actively seek counsel in Joplin because people here are not generally sympathetic to people like me. Even if I found a lawyer who understood, the damage to their reputation in the community likely would have precluded taking my case. 

The affidavit was among documents filed by Doe's attorneys defending their request for $211,285.45 in fees. The district, in a filing by Joplin attorney Karl Blanchard said the request was too high, that the lawyers were charging too much per hour and that Doe could have hired a local attorney who did not charge as much.

Judge Doug Harpool will make the final determination on attorney fees.

As evidence to back their contention that Doe could not have hired a local attorney, her lawyers submitted 42 pages of comments left on the Joplin Globe, KZRG, and Springfield News-Leader Facebook pages, in which the commenters attacked Doe, who despite winning her lawsuit, accepted and received $1 in damages.

Included in those comments:

The parent that made the complaint must have been a dumbass.

The epidemic of stupid is making my head hurt.

I know the owners personally and they are wonderful people doing GOOD work in the community. Whoever this is that is conjuring up the lawsuit is a moron.

Notice the parents are anonymous. Don't have the guts to come forward and present their complaints.

And all the others should be denied because of one stupid mother.

The American Humanist group is the atheist version of Westboro. They won't stop until being a Christian is illegal.


Attention seeking crybabies.

Poor little snowflakes were upset, so their helicopter parents sued.

Creampuffs and morons, just go away. Climb back in that closet.

Imagine the look on these atheists' faces when they finally meet their maker and He demands to know why they persecuted the children. The Lord is particularly fond of the little ones and, as the Bible says, the persecutors would be better off with a millstone tied around their necks and cast into the sea if they try to keep them from the Lord.

These atheists are indoctrinating our children with this Muslim garb.

Oh heaven forbid, we Christians are luring young children to meet God with sweet doughnuts  I guess the atheists would rather have them strung out on drugs and meet the devil.

I wonder how many doughnuts it would take shoved down their throats one at a time to shut them up permanently.

Atheists can take an aerial intercourse on a flying pastry. Translation: Atheists can take a flying f--k on a rolling donut.

Hopefully, this kind of interference with religion will come to an end. These atheists are poor excuses for Americans and a disgrace. 

The atheists lure children in with perversion, immorality and lies.

They will get there in the end. Hell is hot.


Anonymous said...


They should be looking for the next Tony Alamo in their churches instead!

Jessica said...

You should've seen the comments when Pittsburg had to take the God Bless America sign off the post office. Those comments were so vicious, atheists had good reason to be scared.

Anonymous said...

As a Christian, I am sorry that the comments were SO unChristian not to mention just plain rude and crude.
I do not agree with sueing the school district; I think it was an over-reaction. There have been events (including classes) that Christian parents have refused to have their children attend. Sometimes, that brings questions and ridicule.
Everyone should be praying that we'll all get along. Remember that God hates sin but loves all.

Anonymous said...

Did every single individual who commented identify themselves as Christian? If not, you are assuming a great deal and the title of this blog post is bad journalism. It's worth about the same amount of respect as someone who enjoys sharing dissolution of marriage petitions like they are "news" when they are really just about people's personal pain. Stick to sharing your opinion about real news and facts.

Anonymous said...

Your headline is deceptive and defamatory against an entire religious group with no support whatsoever. Did the plaintiffs specifically argue that is was Christians threatening her? What the comments show is that many people in the area were upset and offended by the plaintiff's attempt to discriminate against Christians. Christ teaches us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. Anything less than that (like many of the comments) is not the Christianity of following Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Please don't tell me that you're comfortable with the $315 - $500 per hour charged by the out of town attorneys! This looks like nothing but an extortion case designed to fund the American Humanist Association.

Anonymous said...

As you've pointed out before, the ruling doesn't even prevent Joplin schools from going to Victory - it just prohibits the things that never happened in the first place. There shouldn't be attorney fees paid at all because the plaintiffs didn't really win.

Anonymous said...

May Jesus save you from his "followers!"

Anonymous said...

Buncha witless godbothers!

Just wait until Missouri passes the law that churches can have their own private armed police forces. Alabama already did!

Stupid, religious and armed. A recipe for disaster.

Anonymous said...

You're saying that if we atheists don't want to hear this religious stuff, we should just leave. As an atheist, that makes me a 2nd class citizen - that your beliefs are more important than mine. How would you feel if you were asked to leave...? Think about it.

Anonymous said...

9:39, it would depend on what the event/occasion was. I probably wouldn't go there to begin with.
Let's think about this example: The Boy Scouts have been forced to accept practices they don't believe in. If you really want to belong to a group and you don't believe what they do, don't go try to change them. Either change yourself or find another group.
Many organizations are being destroyed in the name of politically correct, inclusive practices.
It doesn't mean that one is more important than the other. It means that each gets his/her own.
And noone was asked to leave. Sometimes, the options are just stay or go.

racially integrated is on thing and gays is another said...

Remember When The Boy Scouts Banned Black Scouts?
By Dan Avery January 31, 2013 at 1:01pm

The Boy Scouts of America finally did become racially integrated—in 1974. Keep that in mind as loudmouths defend the Scouts right to remain “morally straight."