Thursday, November 29, 2018

Ace Mohr pleads not guilty to armed robbery, assault charges, public defender appointed

Ace Mohr, 25, Carthage, pleaded not guilty to felony armed robbery and assault charges this morning during a video arraignment in Jasper County Circuit Court.

Judge Joseph Hensley appointed a public defender to handle Mohr's case.

Mohr allegedly beat a Carthage man with brass knuckles and stole his wallet, phone and watch on October 27.

At the time the Carthage Police Department arrested him, Mohr was already awaiting trial on a felony domestic assault charge.

At the time of all of the alleged crimes, Mohr was on probation after pleading guilty earlier this year to felony receiving stolen property and heroin trafficking charges.

Mohr is being held without bond in the Jasper County Jail.

His next hearing is scheduled for December 12.


Anonymous said...

If they release him on bond maybe they can arrest him again the next time?

Anonymous said...

His family & friends should do him a favor and NOT bail him out. He is only digging a deeper hole for himself everytime they release him.

Anonymous said...

Well well. Who knew he would plead not guilty
Don't they all
What a joke and waste of space