Monday, December 25, 2006

Globe advertises for editor

With the departure of editor Edgar Simpson a little more than a week away, the Joplin Globe has listed the position at the Community Newspaper Holdings website.

According to the ad, the Globe is looking for:

We have an immediate opening for the editor's position at The Globe

Well-rounded newspaper experience

Demonstrated ability to leading a talented team to success

Full understanding of the importance of the Globe's Readership

Commitment program

An understanding of the importance of local news

Ability to get the community involved in contributing to the newspaper's content

Comfortable in developing New Media programs along with new products that satisfy the needs of our readers and advertisers.

Great organizational skills and attention to detail

Strong interpersonal skills

Insistence in following established deadlines, as well as producing top quality products and services.

Willingness to take an active role in the communities we serve

Knowledge and experience in the investigative news process

Ability to developing individuals so that they can reach new levels

Demonstrating excellent follow-through with the Globe's organizational projects

High energy and enthusiasm

The ad sets a deadline of Dec. 29. Applications are to be made to the Globe's publisher Dan Chiodo.

As first noted in The Turner Report, Simpson is leaving the newspaper after eight years to take a position with the newly-elected Ohio attorney general.


Anonymous said...

Good luck in Ohio, Sir.

You have been a straight shooter with me. The malcontents won't like your successor either.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the Globe is conducting a national search. I thought they favored hiring from within.

Anonymous said...

After this person interviews for the position and if the person happens to be a male, I would like to date the man and then marry him. Sounds great on paper.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm just saying that what the Globe is looking for in an editor, I am looking for in a mate:
great organizational skills and attention to detail, strong interpersonal skills, following deadlines (I like the Christmas lights down after New Year's), high energy and enthusiasm, helping others to reach new levels. So, if the globe finds a single male for this job, I'm available. (It's a joke really).

Anonymous said...

Dan will never be allowed, nor would he if he could, to hire out of the newsroom. But if they did, my first vote is for Wally. In reality, I'd like to see it go to a newsroom Battle Royale where all the slot editors, copy editors and reporters interested duke it out until there's just one man standing. If that actually happens, I'd like to put $100 on Stair, he's a biter and has a high threshold for pain.

Anonymous said...

Any updates?

Anonymous said...

you're hired.

Anonymous said...

Why not Andy Ostmeyer?

Anonymous said...

Andy would be the best choice from the newsroom ranks.